The Girl at the Fair – Akshay Chougaonkar


The girl at the fair - akshay chougaonkar 1As I slither,

Amidst the labyrinth of lights,

Surrounded by emotions fake,

With nothing but chaos in sight,

I yearn to walk away

From this life so mundane,

Seeking the essence

All in vain.



The coaster slows down,

The rides all turn fuzzy,

A mannequin replaces the clown

And the people turn hazy.


The monochrome scene lights up,

With her blue linen.

I plunge into depths unperceived

Of her eyes deep brown.


Dancing to monotone music,

Her hair jet black…

Whilst the breeze caresses her face

Oh! The time starts to lag.


A subtle smile syncs

With a symphony on my mind,

Someone ‘stealing’ my poetry,

Is surely a unique find.


A blissful lull storms me here,

As I see that girl at the fair .

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