The final year conundrum

Finally, the time that all college students most look forward to and dread in equal measure is now upon us. Though an inevitable part of the twilight of our undergraduate years, placements have always seemed a distant reality. Of course, that is until the applications come in and the preparations for pre-recruitment tests begin that is.

This is that point where a complete re-evaluation of priorities sets in. We are all left wondering what courses to opt for as far as higher studies are concerned, what tests to write and how best to go about putting together achievements into an attractive portfolio. The tricky part however, is keeping options open. On the one hand the job offering brigade, wooing students with outsourced jobs and the idea of being able to support themselves financially. On the other hand is the post graduation dilemma, adding a few more qualifications to secure the foundation for a decent future. Both options may be needed till the last minute and walking the tight rope between them as long as possible leads to a few frayed nerves.

Despite the stress levels, it is the exposure gained during this turbulent period that we students gain the most out of. A glimpse into the working of the job industry as well as a deeper understanding of the importance of higher academic qualifications is sure to stand every final year student in good stead in the years to come.

While some may take up jobs, others may choose to become academics in their respective fields as well. And it can always be said, no matter what path is chosen at this point, this is that phase of life where most of us make the choices that influence the rest of our lives. So choose wisely!

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