The curse of love- Entry no 2(Paranormal Romance)

A boy was born with a curse. The curse gave him life and kept him alive. It also let him see and communicate with the other side, that’s the dead. But the curse was short lived. His parents decided to conceal it from him as they wanted him to grow like an ordinary child. So when he complained about seeing spirits, they always told him it was nothing unusual and that he was not supposed to share it with anybody. Trusting their words he gradually got adjusted to his bitter reality and never spoke of it ever.

When he turned 18, she walked into his life. He had fallen for her instantly. It was on a trip that he met her; she stayed at a cottage nearby his. They became very good friends, met every day and talked for hours until they had to separate. They grew very close in a very short time. He unwillingly parted with her and went back home with her memories. Days, weeks, months passed by, but he couldn’t get her out of his mind. One day, destiny brought them together once again. She moved into his neighborhood. The very moment he saw her, he went on his knees and confessed his love to her. She accepted at once. Their relationship slowly blossomed day by day. They didn’t need words to connect. They deeply cared for each other. Each day their love felt novel. They were connected by an enigmatic force. As years passed by, they grew inseparable. Everything was perfect between them until one day when he turned 25; she suddenly disappeared from his life. He frantically searched for her everywhere, every day. He did everything in his power to find her, but failed. Every night he dreamt of their first kiss when he held her close, caressed her hair and embraced her beautiful tender lips. But slowly it was all turning into a nightmare. He didn’t have the slightest clue of what had happened to her. Where was she? Was she in some trouble? Was she dead? Or did she just walk away? He didn’t have any answer. He was lonesome and heart broken.

Finally he learned the truth about his curse from his parents. They also revealed the curse would automatically break when he turned 25 and that’s when he found all his answers. She was just another spirit…..but was she “just another”??…,she was his love, his life.

At once he realized there was light in his darkest hour.And the next thing he saw was his parents weeping at his funeral and there she was, beside him holding his arms and comforting him.

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