Cooking is form of art, you bring your imagination in action, use a saucepan as your canvas and produce something brilliant. It doesn’t has to perfect or a Michelin star restaurant quality it should be just simple and satisfying.

We all have one friend who claims to cook the most amazing food in the world even though you have never really tasted her food and one friend who says “Only I eat the food I cook” and some (in majority) who have absolutely no clue what the conversation is about.

You don’t know how to cook? Trust me it’s very simple. The key is start with the basics.

If you want to start baking then don’t just start your cooking trip with a difficult dish like “lemon cheesecake” because when that comes out disastrous you end your trip quite soon instead start with a basic vanilla sponge cake.

When our mothers insists us to learn cooking things like dal, rice and chapatti they are not wrong because when we have to finally start cooking we end up calling our mums in every step.


There are some “must know” dishes we must know like an omelette, rice, mashed potatoes, dal and obviously sandwich because they don’t take time to cook and are quite filling.

If you are one of those who like to experiment then take a leftover chapatti, put some vegetable, some onions and cucumber for the crunch, a tiny bit of mustard or mayo and Voila! You just made yourself the best midnight snack.

Although there are many old and traditional recipes, the past couple of years has seen a plethora of many new fresh bunch of recipes. All you have to do is enter the kitchen with great confidence, grab a saucepan and tell that Ratatouille “Today we are cooking something amazing”.


Whether it is making our own “secret Maggie recipe” or taking a bold step and modifying the “Family dish” it always excites the chef inside you.


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