The Beloved


The one with whom you shared your clothes is now the one with whom you can share your feelings. The one with whom you used to fight is now the one you love as a darling. Papa’s special kiss to her was enough to make you jealous and now you are ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of her happiness.The beloved 1

Can you answer a very simple question- “Which is the magic that time has spell over?” Somewhere the answer is sprouting within everyone of us but still lacking the words to bind it in a string with beads of emotions.

“Mumma can you buy me a sister?” My mom all puzzled “What happen sweetheart?” “I don’t have someone to make new clothes for my barbie, I need someone who could clean my kitchen sets and moreover someone who can teach me how to wear a lipstick.” “But betu I always do it for you then why all this so abruptly?” All sort of remedies from my mom proved worthless. My innocent demands were enough to make my mother cognizant that I was lacking a companion who would add the missing ‘girlish’ essence to her sweet daughter’s childhood.

Going out for late night parties, who’s the one to convince parents? After receiving scoldings from brother, who’s the one to dissolve your anger? Having fight with your boyfriend, who’s the one whom you wake up at night and start dictating your stupid issues? Sobbing quietly hidden in a pillow, who’s the first one to listen it? Wearing your favourite outfit, who’s the one who makes you astonished revealing it suits her best? On her return from a date, who’s the one who makes you envy her, seeing a bouquet of red roses in her hands? No matter how many teddies you have, she’s the one to give you her cuddly teddy to sleep with.

“I like Cinderella.” “Who cares. I am your elder sister and I love Harry Potter.” Those small little arguments over whose poster is going to add on to the ambience of our room. And a small little drop of tear which she noticed fighting with my eyelashes to spill out , would suddenly awake her sleeping sisterhood; “Fine Cinderella wins.” And the impact of hug she encountered from me could make her forget that unknowingly she let her elder sister ego drip just to see my rabbit teeth.

No matter how much distance time has fetched between us, I know you still miss me while shopping.

You reside in my every heartbeat and promise I would never let you down. The memories you have imparted deep somewhere within me will forever be a rememberance of you sis. I will relish all those flashes of time which made us weep in sorrow and smile in joy because in all the pros n cons of my life you were always there with me.

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