The Art Of Kissing

There is a Myth about the Chinese and kissing. Many westerners firmly believe that the Chinese do not kiss. But this is far from the truth. The Chinese do not greet one another in the street with a peck on the mouth or cheek – the way the French and the Americans do – but that is hardly the kind of kissing we are talking about here. There is a world of difference between a fraternal buss on the cheek and a deep, passionate invitation to love by using one’s mouth, lips and tongue without words.

Where and how the idea that the Chinese do not kiss got started is hard to say. Even van de Velde – a lifetime student of sexology – was under this misapprehension. In Ideal Marriage, he writes: ‘Japanese, Chinese and Annamese do not kiss as we understand the term. Instead of mutual contact of the mouth, there is a nasal contact, with delicate inhalation.’

Whatever may be true about the Japanese and the Annamese, we do not know this is not the way the Chinese kiss. Van De Velde may have his ideas from the Chinese custom of sniffing their babies in public. They are very fond of doing this and well-cared for babies do have a very sweet, special aroma of their own.

It may well be that this was the only sort of ‘kissing’ he ever saw in public because, while it is true that the Chinese kiss, they consider it a very private action and it is rarely done in public places. In the West, where kissing, even very passionate kissing, is done in a uninhibilated way these days, the Chinese may seem restrained. Perhaps they are. Nevertheless, the ancient Chinese took erotic kissing as seriously as an inalienable part of sexual communion.

Learning how to kiss all parts of the body properly is a relatively simple but important matter. Simple, because there are no obstacles to overcome in kissing such as premature ejaculation, impotence or lack of lubrication. The only barrier is a psychological one.

In many people’s minds, a kiss is just a ritual smack: they do not distinguish between one kind and another. Yet there is a world of difference between a deep, inspired, erotic kiss and a boring antiseptic pressing together of lips. One can be earth-shaking, to the point that some women have an orgasm from such ecstatic kissing; while the other is barely noticeable. A passionate kiss can be a revelation and even more gratifying than a routine coition. It is, therefore, important to understand how to use your lips, tongue and mouth for mutual pleasure and benefits.

Improving Erotic Kissing:
First the oral and facial muscles should be relaxed. Relaxation of the mouth and the tongue makes erotic kissing possible because only then you can enter into a rich, pleasurable contact with your partner’s lips and tongue. A tight, tense mouth not only losses a great deal of its sensitivity, it also tends to fight against your partner’s instead of fitting closely. When this happens, a kiss loses much of its sensuality because of the poor contact and empty space it creates. Remember, the less empty space in your mouth when you are kissing deeply, the more blissful the pleasure will be.

Second, remember that erotic kissing involves nearly all the senses touch, smell, taste, even hearing. For this reason you must pay scrupulous attention to your physical hygiene and health. Bad breath, for example, can often be unbearably offensive, and usually a sign of a disorder in your mouth, sinus or digestive system. You should get it properly cured instead of just covering it up superficially with mouth wash or deodorant. Note: “Pay special attention before making love to ensuring that you are perfectly clean” (only if applicable). Pungent odours from spicy foods can be offensive, particularly when your partner has not eaten the same food. Similarly non-drinkers and non-smoker may find liquor and cigarette smells repellent.

All this is important because, during deep kissing, the partners should drink from each other’s lips and tongue as much as possible. They can test each other this way too.If exchanging fluids is repulsive to either, then perhaps the couple are not as well matched as they thought and should seek more sympathetic partners because without uninhibited mutual relish of each other’s fluid, satisfying erotic kissing is impossible. And without it an integral part of loving is lacking.

Teeth too have a part to play in erotic kissing. From time to time you can nip your partner’s lips or tongue, always very lightly though so as not to hurt. Only genuine masochists find pleasure in pain. Biting or nipping is really most effective on the ears, neck and shoulders. Many men and women find this highly exciting, especially during intercourse.

Hope that you enjoy reading it. The above knowledge was written by a great guru. Learn to increase your knowledge and use it wisely at the right time.

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