The 7 Things College Accidentally Teaches You about the Real World

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In a way, college is the first real life experience for many students, especially when studying abroad or in another city. This is where you also get your first taste of independence. Whether your college years turned into a never-ending thirsty Thursday or a series of all – nighters and hard learning, you probably learned one or two things about the real world without even knowing it.

  1. Procrastinating effectively

    What Triggers Procrastination?
    What Triggers Procrastination?

Procrastination is the first thing you master at university. College students are experts at balancing between different lectures, extracurricular activities and parties. We are not talking about leaving everything for the last minute. Effective procrastination means that you can decide what can be put off, what needs to be done and how much time a project will take you. Wonder how you can apply it in the real world? You will soon find that prioritizing is a useful skill that will help you deal with your day – to – day tasks.

  1. Handling Stress

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While being at college is not stressful all the time, when the exams and papers come you can really freak out. The more you are facing stressful situations, the more you learn how to deal with them. College provides you with plenty of tense experiences and you just learn to deal with it.

  1. Nobody will do your job

At college you quickly realize one universal true – it all depends on you. You quickly learn that, when you have to deal with college administration or simply get done with that project. It applies to every aspect of your life – from cleaning your dorm room to writing that 3000 words paper.

  1. Cleaning is necessary(sometimes)

Cleaning was probably not one of your top priorities when you were living with your parents. While on your own at college, you learn to take care of your own place. Unless you are a total slob, you have surely developed some cleaning habits.

  1. Weasels succeed

Unfortunately, hard workers will not always receive enough recognition. On the other hand, those shifty scheming people will get what they want without investing much effort. Think about the kid that can party for whole weekend but has the answers for all the tests from their older sister or friend. At the end, they get the same or even higher results than the person who studied during the whole time. Well, the things are not much different in the real world.

  1. You will not get along with everyone

College provides an eclectic social climate that helps you learn to communicate with various types of people. Sometimes you need to be in a group with a person you don’t cope with. Still you need to do this project. This is a valuable experience. In the real world you will come in contact with at least one person who is difficult.

  1. Budgeting sucks, but it’s not impossible

    The students’ life-line—the mobile phone is set to burn a deeper hole in their pockets as telecom bills are also set to increase.
    The students’ life-line—the mobile phone is set to burn a deeper hole in their pockets as telecom bills are also set to increase.

Knowing how to handle your finances is a hardcore survival skill at college. No one knows better how to creatively budget than students. From instant noodles to stealing toilet paper, they know all the tricks. Hopefully, you will not need to get back to these activities after graduating. Knowing how to budget minimizes the chance of going out of cash.

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