Teenagers Committing Suicide

We have seen a lot of cases where teens have been committing suicide over stupid reasons or have been making suicidal attempts. A suicide is attempted only when a person is very lonely and has no support at all or have broken up with their loves or if their love partner has cheated him/her. Manipal Monk wants to throw light on factors which involves the breaking up with loves or if the love partners have cheated on them.

Do you think that someone with whom you broke up from a relationship is as much worth as your life? The main reasons for breakup is if the relationship was not working well or it did not go as smooth as expected. Instead of suicidal thoughts, you should be happy for yourself that you ended up the sadness from your life. An unhappy relationship is the worst that anyone can ever bear. Now it is time to look ahead and plan out for your future and learn from your mistakes and never go for such relationships ever. Go for someone you truly love. The second factor is when you have been cheated on by your partner. Now if this is the reason of your suicide attempt then it is the most stupid thing in the world. Who on earth wants to give so much importance to someone who is not even worth the dirt on your shoe? Why giving away your life for someone who cheated on you? Instead you should take a knife and strike off your partner’s head.

The Manipal Monk wants to suggest you to not do such things ever in fact don’t even think about it. In today’s world, people who commit suicide or make attempts to are not given sympathy nor given support, instead people look down to them with anger and they are treated as biggest cowards. It is most selfish of you to do such an act. By suiciding, you end your life but what about those who care for you? You just care about yourself and who will care about those who love you?

Believe it or not, suicide is not an answer for your problems instead fight back, prove yourself. If you say that no body loves you or you are lonely, then prove yourself, do something worth and gather support. Make people love you, no one loves anyone for just nothing. Show to the world that yes you are a great person. Don’t be a coward and think about ending your life because life is precious and you don’t get it more than once. Instead of wasting god’s precious gift and throwing it down the drain, make full use of it and make god proud!

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