Takecare Of Your Garden!

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Nature has always left a secret message to mankind. Albert Einstein once said, “Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better!”. So here I share a story of Adithya who was very fond of growing his own terrace garden. He did a lot of research about the kind of plants he wanted to grow, took expert opinions, invested a lot in the interiors of the garden, got the fanciest pots, best fertilizers, and seeds from the best vendors in the city.

The dream terrace garden was ready. Adithya couldn’t believe the transformation of his concreted terrace into a greenhouse full of life. There was a lot of green which had to be taken care of ranging from flowers, vegetables, edible leaves which needed special attention. Adithya was in cloud nine to see dream garden and shouted “ I made this happen exactly the way I wanted” to his father Anand.

Anand gave a nasty smile and said this is just a first step my boy but it has to be treated with care each day to be with you forever and grow along with you. Keep an eye open for minute details like the amount of sun each plant needs, appropriate usage of soil, maintain good water routine, regular pest check etc. Slight variation in any of these may result in the vanishing of dream garden so take care!

Adithya was so engrossed in getting the best garden he always dreamt that he thought the next steps were a cakewalk. The initial days were going well. He made efforts to water them, made regular checks on soil, fertilizers, light, and shade needed. After a few months, he was shocked to see only a few plants had the healthy look and other plants started shedding leaves, the rich green life was fading, few plants died. He was not understanding what was the reason and went to his dad.

Adithya: Dad, according to me I have put all my efforts to keep the garden safe yet there are few plants which are dying. I had forgotten to water them for 2 days so the third day I made sure that I gave them enough water they needed. Still, I don’t understand why only a few plants are alive?

Anand: Gave a gentle smile and asked its been 3 months you got this beautiful garden isn’t it? Maybe on the third-day plant, dint want the water you unnecessarily poured on it!

Adithya: Yes this is the fourth month running and the plants were dry so I thought they need more water!

Anand: If you are taking care of your plants well then by now you should have all the data facts of each plant. Do you? It is not about what you thought, it is always about what they want matters!

Adithya: Data facts as in? Have you gone crazy dad? All are plants and I treat them similar!

Anand: Haha here is your mistake. Just like people, no two plants are the same. Some may require more water but some may not require the same quantity. Some plants like to dry out completely between waterings, others need to be kept moist. Some plants need more sunlight and some require less, balance fertilizers for few plants and excess to some. So here I ask again do you know your plant well?

Adithya realized what he was missing. Don’t the same logic applies to humans? We in many situations think we are doing our best but still not able to keep our loved ones happy. Same as plants each individual is unique, each has their own perceptions, own checklist which makes them happy.

According to me keeping up the relationship of any kind is like watering your plant. Each day’s efforts matter which helps to build the strong and healthy roots. Some plants need less water in summer but more water in winter and vice versa so keep your data facts about the person updated. Yes people do change as they grow and their likes and dislikes keep altering but the core value which they believe can never change know them well. So take care of your garden and know each plant well because the most amazing feeling is to LOVE and to be LOVED!

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