Swim or Sink

I visited the swimming pool the other day. I saw many kids getting swim lessons and was following a 7 year old kids progress. He learned how to tread water. Then the instructor told him to dive in and start back stroking to the other end of the pool. He dove in but instead of doing the back stroke toward the instructor (who was at the other end of the pool) he started treading water in the deep end. He was waiting for the instructor to come to him. The instructor told him to start moving, otherwise, he would tire himself out and sink.

I was thinking about this and how this exact situation exists with a person in debt. They get so overwhelmed with debt and feel stuck. They feel they are just treading water in order to keep their heads above the water. They are waiting, hoping for some way out. The answer is to just start moving.

Start with the smallest debt first. Pay it off and then start on to the next. I think paying off the highest interest rate debt is best but you need some movement. Free yourself of standing still, treading water and feeling that sinking feeling. Move yourself out of debt, start swimming, start moving and you can be debt free.

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