Swaadh – Taste Of Life!

When you live in a city whose name literally translates to “City of boiled beans” ( Benda- kaal-uru) you can never go out of good food. I met this person who was selling “Rajasthani Kachori”.As it was raining I couldn’t resist myself from ordering one.Hey, I am not here to guide with the recipe of it as most of my closed one knows how good I am at cooking lol.

I have this habit of talking to random people so just to initiate my conversation I asked “ Bhaiya kaha se ho aap”as most of the Bangaloreans are good at learning other state languages without giving them chance to learn our ’s, I too followed the same then realised my mistake when he answered “ Nanu Rajasthan enda 40 years hinde bandidu amma”( I came from Rajasthan 40 years back).

He had this big steel box with hot kachoris inside which he had tied in the back seat of a bicycle. The front corner of the bicycle had all the masalas, onions, sweet and sour syrups which he used to put in a very organized way inside the kachori. There were a lot of school kids surrounding him which is when I realized that he was standing right in front of the school gate. After all the kids were served with their kachoris I got mine and that was one of the best kachoris I had in my life. My taste buds can never forget the Swaadh it gave!

Taking my conversation further I asked him:

Me: From how long are you doing this?
Kachoriwala: I came to Bangalore when I was 10 years old and my dad taught me to prepare kachoris. I am serving them in front of this school gate from past 20 years. I started with 20 paisa and its Rs 20 now with the most innocent smile.
Me: That’s awesome! Are you not tired of doing the same job daily?
Kachoriwala: This is the job which I know to do very well.As I have not studied enough to do other kinds of job, I am very happy doing this because I am able to send my 2 daughters to the same school in front me and got a small home of mine in Bangalore from this. I have no regrets in life because I am putting my maximum effort to make my life better.

This was when I thought if we put maximum efforts in whatever we do from career, passion, love, relationships etc in life we will never have regrets isn’t it? Each individual will have their own limits for maximum efforts.For eg: In exam child A puts maximum efforts and scores 60% and child B’s maximum effort could be more but he/she laze out and scores same 60% but he/she can never feel happy for it because it was not its maximum effort!

Same thing applies for life which creates that Swaadh when we do something with our maximum potential is what I learnt from Kachoriwala whose name I forgot to ask!

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  1. haha! good that you are blogging to make the wait worth its while. Maybe you can get a murder mystery out of it 😛 I know i did…once…

    Blore airport holds fond memories for me…especially since I have always flown in to Manipal from Delhi and invariably had to stay there for over an hour.
    I once had to wait for 12 hours at Blore, since my plane to Mangalore got delayed.
    There is a perfume store over there, right near the eatery, with a very helpful attendant. I must say, I arrived at Manipal smelling like pot-pourri… 😛

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