Surrogacy Guaranteed in Ukraine

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For many couples, surrogacy is the only chance to become parents and enjoy the beauty and complexity of parenthood and upbringing a child.

Some stats show that as many as one in five couples in the world are diagnosed with infertility.

As a reproductive technology, surrogacy relies heavily on the human factor, when choosing a surrogate mother, and legislature, when finalizing legal aspects between parents and surrogate mother after the child is born. Within the past few years, Ukraine has become a destination where both of these hurdles are successfully overcome. So what exactly makes it a country to consider for couples looking to embrace surrogacy?

Legal status

Ukraine is considered to be one of the “surrogacy-friendly” countries. Its legislature allows the practice of surrogacy which is often the last resort option for couples from Ukraine and abroad alike. As governed by the Ukrainian law, couples diagnosed with infertility can apply for this procedure, provided that they comply with a mandatory condition – they must be a married couple.

Genetic parents and their future child are fully protected from the risk that a surrogate mother will refuse to hand over a child since this is a criminal offense. In addition, a multilevel system governing the rights and responsibilities of both genetic parents and surrogate mother works well to regulate this complex process.

Excellent clinics and experienced personnel

According to the Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism, surrogacy is the third most popular medical service foreigners are coming to Ukraine for. And for a good reason – the country offers effective technology, innovative equipment and skilled professionals to advise in every aspect of the surrogacy process. Clinics like have decades-long experience of delivering granular support with surrogacy.

From helping you find a surrogate mother to advising on the legal side of things, we will get Surrogacy Guaranteed for you. Your parenthood is now one step closer.

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