Mangalore Subway Madness

A Mangalore Subway Counter
How a Typical Subway counter looks like!

So all this buzz and excitement around the city turned out to be true as the Mangalore Subway returned to the city, this time taking a wise place in the bunts area instead of its former location in Bharath Mall. The Mangalore Subway is said to have opened doors on Thursday with crowds of a majority of students flocking in to satisfy their taste buds. Even the heavy showers were overlooked this time as the Mangalore subway attracted customers like a magnet all in one night. Therefore there was probably poor service as some complained but the Mangalore subway comeback was cherished indeed. They are open from 11 am to 12 am with most of the menu and prices intact. Unless you know what sort of sandwich you exactly want, I wouldn’t recommend it as value for food.

Mangalore Subway used to exist a number of years back when Bharath mall first opened but they eventually lost in the income sector with the upcoming malls and had to ultimately move out of the city although they remained popular in Manipal.

I log onto Facebook and all I see is countless status updates and profile pictures appearing on my newsfeed having the word subway somewhere or the other.  Well let’s hope the same excitement and rush will be present when Mc Donald’s opens up within the next few months. I think its so much more worth it and a great fast food chain itself.

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