Students suggest change of University’s name to End Point university

Vexed up with so many people asking if Manipal University is located in Sikkim in spite of repeated clarifications, a group of students from MIT submitted a memorandum to MU registrar suggesting the change of university name to End point University.

End Point is small cliff overlooking the Suvarna river in Manipal and is a popular hangout place for Manipalites. It houses lush-green gardens, cricket and soccer grounds and gazebos that offer a beautiful view of the river.

“As we know, a lot of people outside Karnataka mistake the University to be in Sikkim. In spite of so many clarifications by Manipalites, the myth continues to linger on. So we thought of suggesting a permanent solution to this vexing problem. Hence we asked MU officials to rename the university as End Point University since the place End Point is synonymous with Manipal,” said Lovely Singh, one of the students.

Annual reminder about the correct geographical location of Manipal. Endorsed by the citizens, students, alumni, our professors, staff, coffee shop wale anna, buses traveling at 100+ kph, and some common sense…

Faking Manipal reporter of ManipalBlog spoke to some faculty and they liked the idea. Saifulla Khan(NAME CHANGED), a faculty in Dept of Chemistry in one constituent college, said, “It is a nice initiative on the part of students. You know, when I refer to End Point during the experiment demonstrations, I will make it a point to remind my students that it is not Manipal End Point. Such is the popularity of End Point among students.”

Students of other MU colleges also welcomed the idea. Richard Rao Gere,a final year student of MCODS from Pune said, “If this suggestion is implemented,then Manipal students will not need to take pains in clarifying the university’s location to neighborhood aunties and uncles. A very good move by our fellow students from MIT. I really appreciate them.” His girlfriend Julia Deshpande concurred with him.

We approached the university officials about this, but they declined to comment. But our highly placed sources in the university say that MU administration hinted at favorably considering this suggestion.

P.S: All the facts in this article are made up! But you already knew that, didn’t you?  

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