Students Banned From End Point Manipal after Major Fire

At approximately 6:30 pm  today a major fire broke out at End Point Manipal. Sources tell us that the fire spread from the collector office and was moving towards the cricket ground at the End Point. Various trees and shrubs have been burnt down.

“A dense smoke cloud drew my attention in the afternoon. I ran towards it to see what was happening! I realized that the fire had gone out of control and informed the authorities immediately! Good thing the fire did not break out after 12 in the night otherwise there would have been no students to warn about it!” said Tanmay Bhat, an exceptionally handsome guy who was participating in Tarang 2015, a kite flying festival organised by Volunteer Services Organisation – Manipal University.

Dr. Ravan Changi, a resident of one of the many apartments that have mushroomed around End Point Manipal, sent us photos of the destruction of End Point as it happened. He said, “I was worried, I will not be able to go and study there at 2 am, as I was doing for so many days.” We had to remind him that, it was not possible any way as Students have been banned from going out after 11:30 pm in Manipal.End Point Fire Manipal

The swift action by the authorities is the reason the fire was controlled in time before the entire End Point was engulfed in flames.

“The fire could not have been controlled this effectively without the help of the  Mr DoodhMalai of the Udupi police force”, said a high-ranking MU official who doesn’t want to be named.

Mr Doodhmalai, an experienced firefighter himself, said “This was nothing! It was child’s play for me! I have an injection for every disease you see!”

We all thank Mr. Doodhmalai for his blessings on Manipal University! End Point Fire
As a result of this havoc, students have been banned into entering the End Point campus in the coming future. Many students have tried to raise concerns about the ban but the officials have assured them that this step is essential for their own safety.

So what if you can’t enjoy the End Point anymore. You will be safe. And that is what matters at the end of the day.

P.S.: All the facts in this article are made up. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

Co-authored by Dr. Vishaal Bhat.

The pictures above are real. 
The fire was a controlled one to clear away the wild bushes and shrubs that allow 
breeding of insects and cause problems to the local residents.


  1. There are only two possible explanations to this article being here! Either your writers have run out of topics to write on or you all have a delusional sense of pride in flaunting your humour level; which is no better than a two year old! Faking news is a stupid concept. Please grow out of it! -_-

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