Student Life in Netherlands 2018: Education, Entertainment and Career Prospects

If you are considering moving to the Netherlands to study, it can be one of the best decisions you make. Even though it is a great choice, one always need be ready and do enough research. We are all different with individual goals that we need to align with the decisions we make. One way to do this is to gather as much information before making that decision.  Know what a master thesis Netherlands looks like versus the one in the US . Take life scenarios and focus your research on that. Stepping away from the general searches allows you to base your decision on real facts. If you are considering studying and living in the Netherlands, here is some insight into life there.


Netherlands can boast some of the best schools in the world. A lot of students flock there because life is relaxed, but the education levels are high. Netherlands are one of the top 6 countries to study in. Locals do their Master’s Degree straight after doing the Bachelor’s Degree. Education standards are so high that employers expect to see a post-graduate degree.

One of the benefits of having these high standards, it pushes you when you are living there. It changes the way you think about life and education. There are no limits in the Netherlands and you have access to achieve the highest goals. If you are an expat living in the Netherlands, you want to find a university that gives you credit in your own country. You can find a thesis writing service in Netherlands, but it needs to align with your home country’s standards. If you are planning to move back home, you need to consider this.


Even if you have never been to the Netherlands, you know that it is famous for its liberal entertainment options. Amsterdam has a buzzing night life and other parts of the Netherlands are a shopaholic’s dream. You will not run out of options when you are studying in the Netherlands. One of my personal favorite is the museum options, which in itself would also be educational. If you want to live the student life and enjoy some of the nightlife, you can find bars around many corners.

Netherlands also love special hosted events. Once you made some local friends, you are going to find it even easier to get around. If you are still in the transition period, don’t be afraid to explore by yourself. Netherlands is one of the safest countries in the world, so you don’t have to be as concerned to go out by yourself.

Career Prospects

Sometimes you fall in love with a country you had no intention of living in. If you find yourself in such a situation in the Netherlands, you will not be disappointed. The country is developing fast and the job prospects are plenty. Figure out thesis writing Netherlands, because the more education you bring to the table, the better. Even if you did not complete your studies in the Netherlands, you can still build a decent career there. Engineering students can find a solid job in this country and if you are a creative, your luck might be increasing.

Seeing as it is diverse in the Netherlands, so are the job options.  Apply for a work permit if you plan to work there after you complete your studies. If you transferred from the EU, you would not be required to apply for a work permit. In the Netherlands, you need to let an employer know that you are considering applying for the job. This is part of your work permit process. It is a little different to how work permits work in the US, but if you follow the specific rules, you can get it done.


Life for students in the Netherlands is exciting and the growth you get from it cannot be reversed. You are not going to regret your decision. Even though the culture in the Netherlands is different from other countries, it is refreshing. Experiencing a different culture, the food and the people is going to take you out of your box. Students who study in another country also have better opportunities in their own countries because this adds value to your résumé. This also opens up doors for more travel down the line. Being a well-balanced person is always what we are striving for and this is a great place to start.

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