Student Cooking Tips

After the basic advice given previously about the different food groups, I now want to take a look at some more general tips on making the most of your food at university.

Cookery Books

Whether you are male or female, get yourself a few basic, low-cost cookery books.  Not only will these help you cook tasty meals with less trial and error but they will also provide you with inspiration for meals you may not have otherwise thought of. Even better, there are now cookbooks specifically for students or for creating meals on a tight budget and these too can be very useful indeed.

Buy In Bulk

Wherever possible buy food that will last – such as dried foods or canned foods – in bulk to make savings. Also try out different varieties. In many cases, the difference between a shop’s own budget brand might be barely noticeable to other more expensive varieties and you can make savings here too. Conversely, when food is perishable, buy little and often to ensure you do not waste it as it goes out of date.

Plan Meals In Advance

By planning meals, in advance, you will not only avoid the nasty surprise of having no dinner when you get home (no doubt leading to a call to the local take away) but it also allows you to plan the use of perishable goods in your fridge or fruit bowl. If you know which meats go out of date when, plus you have an idea of your cheese, fruit and so on you can plan meals to use them up in the most efficient manner, thus reducing wastage.

You may also even prepare more than you need so you can eat the leftovers the following day and reduce the amount of cooking you need to do, added Kitchen Home who reviews the kettles for hard water.

Share With Friends

If you have more food than you need, or perishable goods going out of date, why not share them with a friend? They will no doubt be grateful for the free food, which would have been wasted anyway, and hopefully, they will return the favor in the future meaning you both end up saving money.

Limit Your Range

Whilst it is fun to try out new recipes, it is a good idea to get into a habit of what foods you buy and what meals you prepare. By doing this you will not only learn your recipes, but you will be able to calculate portion sizes accurately and ensure you buy only what you need when you go shopping.

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