Strategy for General Studies: How to Study?

“ Who has begun has half done. Have the courage to be wise. Begin!”

Now the strategy is  about when you decide books and materials how to go through books and materials?

I have a formula – “SQRRPR”

“S”= ” SURVEY”

Survey means check headings , subheadings, all the visual material, read introductory and summary.and make a mind -map.

“Q”= QUESTION . You can ask questions to yourself what are the main point of the chapter?  what this chapter or author want to tell me ? then go to see past papers and see is there any question from this chapter.

“R”= READ . Go through the chapter and try to summarize the materials in your own words.If you can’t remember the text go  through it again.

“R”= RECITE . Now remember the question you have asked in step two. Do you find answers? if Yes , the material is yours.

“P”= PRACTICE . Now write down past papers questions and get it checked by your teacher. They will must improve your answer . Point you got from them is bonus for you.

“R”= REVISE. Revision should be done within 24 hour you have completed your task. then after 3 days and then after 15 days and then after a month.

This way you can construct your knowledge. This knowledge is yours. You can reproduce it anytime.


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