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When you think of charity, what comes to your mind? Drop boxes and shrinking wallets? Tired of buying things that you don’t ever use? Try sportz quake, a not so guilty pleasure where you get to have fun and make lives better.

Once again, the Social Welfare Committee of KMC, Manipal has come up with a novel and fun way of fund-raising. It is an event where students and staff come together to play sports like basketball, cricket, soccer, volleyball, badminton and table tennis. The motto is “Play with passion. Play for a cause.” This is an event where passion for sports and charity come together, or it might just be love for fun. The running commentary and the soundtracks playing during cricket were quite colorful indeed.

Sportz quake was declared open on 22nd March by Dr Rajgopal Shenoy at 5 pm. The occasion was graced by Dr Pragna Rao, Associate dean, KMC Manipal, Dr Shobha Kamath, Professor, Department of Biochemistry, KMC Manipal, Dr Rajgopal Shenoy, Professor and head, Department of Surgery and Dr Pradeep Kumar, Dean, KMC Manipal. Among the speakers were Mr Purusharth secretary of SWC, Mr Neeraj V Mohandas, President of KMC student Council, Dr Pradeep Kumar and Dr Rajgopal Shenoy.Three of the former secretaries of the SWC were also present. The dedication of the members of the SWC was extolled by the dean in his speech and their work was commended.

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Every year, the SWC collects funds for their ongoing programmes : the girl child fund and the student scholarship fund. With the girl child fund, Samsriti, they provide monetary aid to children below the age of twelve from the hospital ward to funds for life saving surgery and treatment. The hospital staff and the Dean have been very supportive in promoting this cause.

They also provide a scholarship to Daniel Prakash Vinod and Narendra Kumar from Jnanaganga PU college to continue their higher education in Madhav Kripa School with tuition fee, uniform fee and study material fee included. The cheques for the respective will be distributed at the closing ceremony of sportz quake.

So even if you havent registered, come and support the teams. Share their energy. Next year, come out and play for charity and fun. Who knows, you might just discover your passion for a sport and lose a few kilos while you are at it.

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