How can we apply spiritual energy to empower ourselves and our children

Spiritual energy
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Are we manufacturing our children?

We live in a society that is completely separated from the natural world and the Natural law that guides all living creatures, its spiritual energy.

We have built concrete jungles and have created a consumerist society focused on superficial values, where acquisition, accumulation, and stock-piling of possessions is of high priority; whether we need them or not, we acquire things simply for the reason of having them because they are there.

We feel we need everything we see advertised… We seem to have lost control of seeing the difference between needing and wanting, and believe that what we want is what we need.

Until one day, a major change in our life may bring us the experience of having to do without we may find ourselves in a crossroad where we may need to start afresh in a new country, or we have a baby, or we lose our job and other similar situations that break the inertia and routine of our everyday life.

Part of the set-up in our lives may involve children.

After years of building a particular lifestyle, we manage to finally completely organize our life when our children arrive.

We think that they must fit into the system that already exists. We resist making any substantial changes mainly because of the loss of the independence and freedom we used to enjoy. And rather than following our children’s natural prompts and flow with their needs (especially at the beginning when they are babies) we follow guidelines such as:

Sleep training – or the process of breaking our baby’s spirit by leaving him or her cry until s/he gives up. How will this nurture the child’s trust in the world?

Stop breastfeeding it is inconvenient, hard to do, limits your independence and mobility, it is not sociably acceptable. But the result is that we clutter their guts with man-made foodstuff, too much meat protein, sugars, sweets, and convenient foods in general anything in a jar. How will this strengthen their immune system, endocrine system, nervous system to mention but a few?

How can we use Spiritual energy?

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This is a good question built on the assumption that we know what spiritual energy is. We want the best quality of life for ourselves and especially for our children and when we use the concept of spiritual energy to do that. But is the spiritual energy that simply definable? We say the word as if it some simple term that everyone understands and yet most people have the term mixed up in all kinds of mythological meanings.

Spiritual energy has been defined as chi, ki, prana, and all kinds of names by different cultures all over the world and they keep redefining and renaming it as they go along. The Quantum physicists now call it electromagnetic energy but universally I think we can call it love or even God if we wish. It is the intelligence that support all form in the universe. For the layman, I would simply call it universal life force energy.

There are many ways to apply this energy for all kinds of usage like healing and manifestation for example. To apply it in a simple way there are many easy, more simple, and natural things we can do in life that enables us to get the best benefit from it.

When we are connected to the Divine we are in our element. As spiritual beings in human bodies, we are tuned into spiritual energy, which is our true source of energy. Living our lives in human form causes a type of amnesia where we forget that this spiritual energy is available to us all the time. Since we have forgotten there are ways to awaken the spark of spiritual energy to empower ourselves and our children.

Spiritual energy is inside every one of us, spiritual energy is in all living things; plants and animals and water and the sky. Our Universe is full of spiritual energy, therefore we can tap into this energy in a variety of ways depending on what resonates with your heart.

If you are an earthy person and you love being outdoors in nature, use the garden as a place where you reconnect with the Divine. Involve the children, give them a seed to plant, and assign them the responsibility of watering and tending to the seed to watch it grow strong and healthy. Use the seed as a symbol of how to behave in life. Suggest that to be happy we need to have strong connections (roots) to our Mother Earth, in order to grow strong and healthy we need to have a healthy mix of nutrients found in food as the plant does from the soil.

To develop into an upright and upstanding person, they need to be placed in an environment where there are no toxins. Where they can connect with the sun (God) and to not lose the knowledge that when you are following the natural cause of life, you can never lose connection.

You can even plant a seed that is not in the best position, where there is sparse soil, water, and sunlight. Watch the seed grow with the children. Use a symbolic sight to show that even though the seed is not in favorable circumstances, it still grows, maybe not healthily, perhaps not in an upright posture, and maybe not vigorously. Still, it seeks the light, twisting, and turning to search for its Source.

Make the experience fun, for joy, is an indication that you are connected to spiritual energy. When we are connected to Source then all feel light and joyous. This is not to say that there will not be hardships in life, for example, the unfortunate plant in the dark, but the joy of being alive of having an inner knowing that you are not alone, that all around us is this spiritual energy keeping us sustained, is a joyous thought.

If you are an intellectual, then you can use books and the information technology to help yourself and your children connect to spiritual energy. Look up old civilizations and explore how they lived and stayed connected to their maker. Look up to the great inventors the great thinkers like Einstein. Reading about their lives, you can show that they were tapping into something bigger than themselves. Teaching a child that what they see around them is not all there is, helping them see beyond their physical surroundings can help in connecting to spiritual energy.

If you are good at creating, either with words or canvas with brushes, use this medium to express life and love. Spiritual energy is about life and certainly about love. Poetry and imaginative writing, painting a beautiful landscape or an abstract painting are all expressions of the Divine. Spiritual energy is all around us, and it can be found and tapped into in different ways as people are entirely different with their own unique talents and gifts.

One sure way of using spiritual energy to empower ourselves and children is to live through our hearts. If you live through your heart, which means instead of analyzing, weighing the pros and cons, being indecisive and not taking risks, you just live for the moment, live in the now, listening to how something resonates with your being. Teach your children to be happy in their own skins, empower them to be who they are, and not to worry about not being like anyone else, Enjoy your incarnation in your human body, look after it, love it, and keep it connected to your spirit by always connecting to Source.

Seeking the Spiritual Energy

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Well, I suppose the first thing we need to look at is to ensure that we don’t give the energy away unknowingly or leak out as they say. Sadly many adults are giving their power away on a daily basis without even knowing that they do. Eventually, we create chronic and age-related illness that has everything to do with how we gave our power away through life, and then we seek allopathic treatments that just comforts our dis-ease. This is like sticking a band-aid strip on a cancer lump. Well, how can we make sure we don’t give our power away?

The key to maintaining our power would be to be self-referenced and to know who we are. In the computer world, we use the acronym GIGO and it means Garbage In Garbage Out. This is basically how we have to view our life. The quality of all things we consume needs to be evaluated. The stuff we feed our bodies and the stuff we feed our minds are both equally important. Your best defense, of course, is your mind so you would work on that one first.

If anything or anybody can make you feel bad then that is where you give power away. Now if you knew who you were you would not feel bad when someone calls you a klutz. You might even laugh about it and thus empowering yourself even more because laughing is good energy. Being internally referenced is a way to live with knowing.

The idea of applying spiritually to empower ourselves and our children is an interesting one. Arguably, when some people hear the term spiritual energy, they have a negative response. Many people have had negative experiences in their spiritual lives. There are many reasons for this. Maybe they themselves have grown up in a rigid, restrictive atmosphere. Maybe there has been little tolerance for spiritual ideas.

Maybe the idea of spirituality has just been too confusing. In our modern society, we lead relatively secular lives compared to other times in our history. Yet it is possible to find much comfort from our own individual sense of spirituality and for this to be transferred to our children.

Speaking about spirituality in a more general sense, I think it is very helpful to children to understand how many things considered spiritual are very inspiring and comforting. For example, the feeling of expansiveness when listening to music or witnessing a beautiful sunset. The very fact that spiritual life is open to all of us whatever our age, religion, or lack of, in this way which involves a very visceral, instinctive reaction which does not need or even defies explanation, is comforting and inspires confidence. Children are very included in this. In fact, the ability of children to take things on face value, which many of us as adults have lost, gives them a great advantage.

Finally, I think meditation and prayer, are very simple but powerful techniques in spiritual life. Again, they don’t have to be denominational. The meditational technique of breath counting ( counting up to four on the in-breath) is available to anyone at whatever age. It teaches you how to make peace with yourself over time and garners a little headspace. Many people pray as it is, finding it both a comfort and confidence booster. Allowing yourself to pass your burdens on to divinity or outside power is very liberating and often allows people to let things go and move on.

In our very complicated modern world, there is often a great need to escape. I believe that adherence to any of these techniques can aid both this and our development as people, whatever our a

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