Spandan 2014 – A Trip to Remember

After a long time filled with anticipation and excitement, a bunch of students representing KMC Mangalore set out to Pondicherry for the famous annual inter college sports fest Spandan, held at JIPMER every year. The fest hosted different sports; amongst teams of both guys and girls. 10593227_566402790149592_1716160871928584836_n


Amongst the guys, KMC sent in its football, basketball, volleyball, hockey squads and also some badminton and chess representatives. The girls went all in for throw ball, basketball, table tennis, badminton and of course their overall charming selves. In addition, a team with quick minds was send for Literary events also, a first time in Spandan.


The messages were sent out on the 15th of August about the train the next day, and the sight of between 60-65 KMCites take over Mangalore Central on the 16th in the afternoon was an impressive one. The train set off; and the long journey began to Chennai first. Suitcases were stored away and a number of people joined hands to get everyone settled and a smooth sailing ahead began.

The train set off; and the long journey began to Chennai first. Suitcases were stored away and a number of people joined hands to get everyone settled and a smooth sailing ahead began. 


The train rides themselves were great times for everyone to bond with entertainment from performances to card games down to selfies occupying the time. A good amount of ice breaking and senior junior bonding also added to the good time. After a long train ride, Chennai greeted us from where a bus took us down interesting sights as morning loomed over. Finally, we arrived and the beauty of Pondi was instantaneous. The statues and the hotels and the traffic and the roads were all a treat, especially for Spandan first timers and nostalgic for the others. We got to Jipmer and to our accommodations, and after registrations, formalities and showers were done with, Spandan had officially begun. 10628507_566403033482901_7161116194787710378_n

The ten days went by; with different members of the teams heading out as per the timetables and schedules. KMC stood together as we cheered each other at matches, and as per our custom, were the loudest. Trips to the exquisite French colony; and the Pondi beach and so many more places near and far were another special theme in the trip. Dinners with seniors and juniors, celebrations and heated up trainings and moods kept the spirit alive and kicking.10374856_566407043482500_6234062066232255276_n

Overall, KMC did quite well in most events, both sports and literary, but hoping for better next year. Individual awards are probably available on the Student Council website. All in all, Spandan was a success in more ways than one; and in the end as we always adapt the quote, I say, What happens in Pondi, stays in Pondi.


It was definitely a very memorable trip, creating many new friendships and leaving everyone with a major Pondicherry Hangover. With tanned and tired faces, but rejuvenated and refreshed spirits and souls, we begrudgingly got back on the buses and the train on the 25th and as always, the trip back seemed shorter and less happening, and Mangalore greeted us on the 26th with rain coming down in torrents. Next year, more KMCites shall go and represent the college, and more KMCites will understand what the feeling is truly like. For now, we’re back on track, but Spandan 2014, you shall never be forgotten. The only thing left now is to follow up on that attendance we were promised :p 

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