So,what do you think? – Sudipta Chakravarti


So,what do you think? - sudipta chakravarti 1So, why is it that I do poetry?
Has it to do something with tragedy?
Why do I start writing proses suddenly?
But, then, am not sure how they are meant to be… 😉

The ink flows from my pen to the paper,
and it fills out with stuff so soon.
May be my thoughts don’t have enough room!
and hence, they spill out on this yellowish paper. 😀

When people read my poems,
they say, your thoughts are so deep like ’em.
Like whom , I don’t mean to find out. 😛
Do they even understand, I doubt?
Its about perception and inception,
of an idea, but beware,
its not deception.
See through the mind,
You will obviously find,
a crystal clear image of thoughts,
assigned together, in lots.
Take one out and begin,
and that is how you start writing.

At first it might be tough,
but don’t worry, that is how it works.
Let your heart mix the emotions
and there you see,
you have filled pages in dozens… 😛

May be who read won’t get it, 😉
but still, ” This is so awesome”, is how they say it,   😛
I don’t care, about what they think,
because what I write,
that’s my heart and soul chanting.
It runs through the blood and veins ,
and , no , they need not understand the meaning… 🙂 😀


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