Skull Kid – The Beginning

This is part one of a series that I wrote. It is a story of an anti-hero of sorts…..I guess…..which I wrote in the form of a poem…..Lets call it an attempt to write a ballad.
Skull Kid – The Beginning
The Skull Kid Ballad 2

Skully was an ordinary boy

He was impossible to annoy
A very patient and sweet kid
Not a single bad thing he did
His parents passed away
And he had a step mom, who hated him, in every way
But did not have many people
To talk to, which created a ripple
In his innocent little mind
He tried being kind
But this didn’t help in any way
That was it, there was no ray
No ray of light
Until one day, he got into a fight
Skully was feeling frustrated
And just then, he was irritated
By a teacher who targeted him
His mood became dim
He took too much of this
He got up and slapped that miss
For a second, he went wild
Then he became mild
He ran out of the room
And bumped into a bully
The bully said “What up Skully?”
He lifted Skully and took him into the lab
And Skully made a grab
For a nearby bottle of acid
He was no where near placid
But the bully grabbed it first
He said “Dying of thirst?”
And made it an acid rain
Poor Skully writhed with pain
His face did burn violently
And the bully beat him vehemently
Skully was bleeding bad
It was the worst beat down he ever had
Soon, the bully left, and Skully was crying
He washed his face, and on the floor he was lying
His face searing with pain
His cries went in vain
Soon, he got up, and got out
With pain, he did shout
Even though he looked like a hideous creature
He was charged with hitting a teacher
And was sent home immediately
He staggered home, burnt severely
No one even gave him medical assistance
Still, he showed great resilience
He went to his room
And sat in gloom
He tended to his face
His heart beating at a rapid pace
His clothes torn, his body bleeding
He was in a terrible condition, no where near dreaming
His step mom came home, and helped him to the clinic
She was not at all sympathetic
She left him in the waiting room, and never came back
Not that the boy had courage that did lack
He knew that his step mom liked this
She must have thought this opportunity to be at bliss
His parents dead, and now the house gone
Everything he had from him, torn
That second, he was disowned by the stepmother
The nurse offered help like a mother
She washed his face, but could not do more
He stepped out of the clinic door
And was now an orphan
Straight home, he ran
But step mom just gave him his bags
And some food, water and dirty old rags
After searching, he found an abandoned old house
He took shelter, and soon, his senses did arouse
It happened all too soon
He wanted to swoon
He hated everything!
He no longer had anything
He hated everyone
He decide, something had to be done
He went through his baggage
He did rummage
His face hurt no longer
His body felt stronger
Despite the aid, he needed to cover his face
He thought of different ways
Finally, he found a mask
For which on his third birthday, he did ask
It had a painting of a skull on it
He put it on, and it fit
He went out of his den, and tried stalking a man
When the man noticed, he ran
Skully followed him, and chased him into an alley
The two of them were alone in the gully
Skully pulled out a knife
The man said “Don’t kill me, I have a wife!”
Skully said, “The world will pay for what it gave me
They never let me be
I was nice, but people never cared for me
And now, I don’t care either, I feel free!”
Thus, Skully stabbed the man dead
And stood in a pool of red
From that day, a new killer was born
The teenager Skully was gone
And a psycho killer came out, who never cared what he did
Now he is known as the infamous “Skull-Kid”
… be continued……


  1. Nitish, neatly done. This is one of the most common misconceptions that people have, believing that more the megapixels, better the camera and the quality of photos. What they do not realise is that most of us never require that many megapixels for a regular print sized photo!

    good one.. hope to see more such interesting and illuminating articles on the art of photography.

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