Home Remedies to Keep Your Skin Beautiful

Take care of your skin and keep it beautiful with these simple home remedies!

The easiest home remedy for treating pimples is the use of orange peels. Grind some shreds of orange peels with water and apply the same as mask. Leave it for sometime and then wash your face with plenty of water. This mask provides an instant boost of Vitamin C which helps nourish your skin and hence increasing the glow. Another important source of Vitamin C is lemon juice mixed with honey. Dab these droplets on your face and leave it for some hours. Rinse your face.

Take care of your skin and keep it beautiful with these simple home remedies!

The second most effective substance to treat acne is garlic which detoxifies your blood. When garlic consumed in raw form, early in the morning, it helps to reduce skin problems mainly due to blood impurity.

Now for people having dry skin ; two things should be kept in mind, firstly dry skin produces too much of debris which clogs the skin pores and secondly in this case moisturising cannot be done due to the presence of acne. In these conditions a paste of honey and almonds is highly effective. Leave the paste for 30min and rinse with cold water.

If your skin has a tendency to develop pimples when exposed to harsh climate or while travelling or due to some changes in your routine try some cumin. This is the most recommended home remedy. Just ground cumin with water and apply the paste before going to bed and wash with plenty of water in the morning. You will find the redness of your skin reduced.

Hope these remedies prove useful to you to enhance your skin texture. If you find anything more effective than the above mentioned remedies kindly let me know through your comments.