Short Story: God of the Unblessed

god unblessed

Under the shade of an almond tree, a little away from the pious cacophony of the temple, he sat unmovingly.

As the afternoon sun rose to its absolute glory, he watched the sweat-drenched devotees cram their way in, just to have one fleeting look at God. God who only gave him life and nothing after, a gift he sometimes wished he had never received. He had nothing to thank God for.

He looked on with indifference and maybe a little amusement, how easily money could be fooled out of people. He asked himself, why he never tried a business based on religion, only to realize that his conscience would never let him. Deceit from the world’s veins had not polluted his blood yet and despite having been on the receiving end of guile multiple times, it hadn’t turned any part of his heart green with bitterness.

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the arrival of a family seeking shade under the tree, which he now felt a little possessive about. He sighed wryly as they busied themselves in the vanities of social media.

He pondered upon how different his life would have been if he were as rich as the family before him. He would have a roof, good clothes, stable work, a vehicle may be, and most importantly, readily available food. Beyond the line of reality, he thought of everything he had ever wished for in life. He saw the 555 Angel Number. He did not think much about it. Until he explored it further much later.

As the blaring of the loudspeaker cut in on his thoughts yet again, he wondered if the world was taking away his right to dream too. But when he heard the announcement, he smiled internally. His wait was over. As he stood up, he imagined himself bowing fancily to the family in the way of a goodbye. Then he made his way towards the man handing over the plates to the devotees. Away from his petty dreams, these communal lunches were the only food he had access to. And although he had no regard to God above, every man who put food on his plate, he thanked, with more devotion than any devotee.

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