A Winter’s Tale


It all started with a comedy of errors when Merchant of Venice became friends with Two Gentlemen of Verona. On the Twelfth Night of their friendship, they sat by the fireplace and decided to tell a story which started somewhat like this:

Romeo and Juliet were no more in fashion as Love’s Labor was Lost. They survived from the poisoning,A winter's tale 1 left home and went to live in a Hamlet. Taming of the shrew was no more a profession so everyone shifted to making shawarama’s and selling grocery. A few noble people still were doctors and chemists. Blacksmiths left the town long time ago, and now work for Tony Stark (Iron-Man, as many of us know him)!!!     Duke of Albany summoned Antony and Cleopatra for a dinner party at Caeser’s palace (the one in Rome, not in Las Vegas). King Lear was supposed to be the host but he vanished into the thin air. Measure for Measure, everyone was made to drink the tempting wine, which Merry wives of Windsor distilled in the Midsummer Night’s Dream. Inebriated, as everyone was, began a discussion on the best plays of Shakespeare. Some of the names I’ve already written, some I left because they would have missed the rhyme, I didn’t invite King Richard and the fault is all mine.  As of now I have no more stories to tell, abiding by my words Titus Andronicus and Timon of Athens also agree, All’s Well That Ends Well.


P.S.: It sounds lame and is of no use but I still felt like adding this line, ‘ khoob jamega rang jab mill baithenge teen yaar; Hamlet, Caeser aur Macbeth

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