Seven Beans from Arabia – After College Hangout!!

Photo: Vansh Mahajan

The Arabs in the 1600s were very protective of their coffee beans. They allowed export of coffee beans only after the beans were processed at a very high price.

Seven beans logo manipal
The Seven Beans Neon Sign Can Be Seen Right Opposite Deetee! Photo: Vansh Mahajan

Legend has it that in 1670, Baba Budan, an Indian pilgrim, got seven beans with him and bought them out of Arabia into India. When he reached home, he planted the coffee seeds in the jungles near Chickmagalur. And, thus coffee came to India. From here on coffee was eventually introduces to the rest of the world.

Well, there’s certainly a lot in this name!

As we entered inside Seven Beans, it seemed like another world altogether! It was as if we were transported out of Manipal into another beautiful land!

The menu at seven beans, manipal is designed to tell the story of the coffee bean and its travels across the world!
The Menu At Seven Beans, Manipal Is Designed To Tell The Story Of The Coffee Bean And Its Travels Across The World! Photo: Niraja Kaplay

Today’s generation is growing up playing video games and X-Box, but when we were kids there were games like Ludo, Snake and Ladder, Chess, etc. to which we have dedicated so many happy hours and Seven Beans takes us back to those days! Almost all the tables are designed to engage the guest’s mind in the juvenile games.

Playing ludo at seven beans manipal
Playing Ludo At Seven Beans Manipal Photo: Vansh Mahajan

All Potter fans out there, come and get a glimpse of Potter world by this unique reminiscence of Marauder’s Map. Behind the door is a small party hall which is designed to appear like a shamiyana. Thus ‘Mischief Managed’ indicates that the chaos created by huge groups of friends is managed behind its walls without disturbing the other guests.

Mischief managed - party hall at seven beans manipal photo: vansh mahajan
Mischief Managed – Party Hall At Seven Beans Manipal
Photo: Vansh Mahajan

After the main seating area, we ventured into the kitchen. Ah, the aromas!

Open kitchen seven beans manipal photo: vansh mahajan
Open Kitchen Seven Beans Manipal
Photo: Vansh Mahajan
Photo: niraja kaplay
Photo: Niraja Kaplay

The book worms can read their book and eat too! This area of Seven Beans is the most heavenly place for all readers! The serene room has the most inviting couches for someone who is in search of peace.
Library at seven beans manipal
This is the most amazing feature at Seven Beans. Absolutely no need to wait for the waiters or try to grab their attention by weird tactics (Read whistling, waving and tracking with eyes alert and head perched)! The slaves of technology, even this minute form of human contact has been taken over by technology. But, we sure do love it!

Photo: niraja kaplay
Photo: Niraja Kaplay

Don’t the paneer and cheese look just irresistible??? Well, I could just grab the MANWICH (which is what they choose to call the sandwiches) out of the screen and finish it in a go!

Manwich (which is what they choose to call the sandwiches)
Manwich (Which Is What They Choose To Call The Sandwiches)

Athithi Devo Bhava” We never let your guests leave on an empty stomach and the chefs at Seven Beans delighted our taste buds by serving this delicious pasta. A warm gesture of love and gratitude which touched our hearts.

Photo: vansh mahajan
Photo: Vansh Mahajan

The most enchanting part about Seven Beans is undoubtedly the ambience.

Photo: vansh mahajan
Photo: Vansh Mahajan

This place is a perfect combination of modern and contemporary.

Manager and staff of seven beans manipal

Owned by Gaurav Shah and Vivek Laddha, Seven Beans is definitely worth visiting.

Seven Beans closed down its operations in Manipal in 2015.

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