Self Medication – Elixir or Suicide ?

self medication

” You look sick. Are you alright? “

“Just feeling a little feverish. It’s nothing. I’ll be fine. “ *Pops in a paracetamol*

Reminds you of something? Or maybe yourself? Yes, most of us do this often.

But after that ?
But after that?

 Today, in this fast-paced world, we’re all caught up. Amidst the flurry of things to do, parties to attend, and deadlines to meet, we have introduced another danger into our lives. The “self-medication” or “self-doctor“. It is easier and faster to take an antipyretic tablet, which is available over the counter, and get rid of your fever.

And voila!

You can go on about doing your work. Once you take it, it’s okay. For 2 days, that’s also okay. But sometimes people go on for weeks taking medicines which they self-prescribed. Some require a prescription to be shown at the pharmacy to be attained. But we know better; just a ” please, “a little extra money, or sometimes even doing nothing, also can get you those medicines.

En route to a disaster ?
En route to a disaster?

Let me tell you what possibly can go wrong with this self-administration of drugs. Let’s take our anti-inflammatory/antipyretic drug as an example. It works fast and brings down the fever. Once it’s down, you feel good. Again, it comes the next day, and you take another pill. It’s easy to swallow the pill and not deal with the real problem. But this is just treatment of your symptoms.

There sometimes may be a serious underlying cause for the fever, and taking the pill masks it. That cause can be anything ranging from malaria to hepatitis A infection. Additionally, like anything else, this pill has its own cons( side effects and adverse effects). Some of them can damage your gastric mucosa and lead to peptic ulcers!

Are You Sure ?
Are You Sure?

Bottom line: self-medication can only cause more harm than good. Ironically, this problem is seen more in medical students who think themselves to know better and diagnose themselves! No matter where you work or what age you are, when you have any unnatural/ disturbing change in your body, no matter how small, the only thing to do is see a doctor. The experience and years of study that a doctor has is not nothing. They may sometimes make a  misdiagnosis or give you medicines that may worsen your condition, but they are liable for that and know how to correct it.


Sometimes, it is indeed just a common cold or an indigestion. There is indeed work to be done. But let me tell you one thing.  There will always be work left to do. No matter what. Health is precious; you are no good to anyone dead, are you? (dark humor intended, no offense)

drug-abuseGod gives you this beautiful life with all your problems and perks. Enjoy to the fullest and reach out for your dreams. Love and enjoy being loved. You only live once, my friend. 🙂

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