School: An Institute of Learning, A Sign Of Success Or A Brick Box

School has become a ritual of certification, a badge for success, and almost a strange kind of religion.

Is it an illusion that the most important learning happens in school?

School has become a ritual of certification, a badge for success, and almost a strange kind of religion. This religion has nothing to do with God, because the students, or shall I say the worshipers bow down to a diploma. A student may invest twelve years of his life going to school, and then go on to college. He makes it the best way that he knows how. Yes this is a mad cult; a ritual all its own.

In this institute of learning, or brick box, a student is taught, if nothing else, that a drop-out is doomed to failure and graduates are sure to succeed. Look at our garbage collectors; I believe that even they need a college degree today!

School: an institute of learning, a sign of success or a brick box 1
School Has Become A Ritual Of Certification, A Badge For Success, And Almost A Strange Kind Of Religion.

We spread our educational gospel around the world. We make others feel that they are inadequately educated. This of course, is in accordance with the set standards of society. Yet across the world, our schools are stultifying students who Just manage to make it through.

Students are getting wise. We used to learn to memorize spelling, multiplication, and history. Today students are learning countless strategies, like how to con the teachers into thinking they know more than they actually do. Teachers should give an award to that student who best spent his years outguessing and pleasing. The competition in this department is stiff now-a-days!

Rather than expand his mind, the student learns to dodge, to buff, to fake, and to cheat. Students no longer want to learn answers, because the answers are either outdated, or they are not the real answers to the question. Students are more interested in how to cope with society, how to survive this world full of crisis after crisis, and how to unbind the social mold put on each of us..

We need a revival In our educational system. We need a new system that will allow students the freedom to live, to grow and to experience life as it really is.

We need to put a new window In this brick box we call school, throw away the old molds, and begin to live up to the sign or symbol that  education tries to portray. We need freedom to let students grow into their own personalities, not Into the molds of our society, which are forced on each one of us.


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