Samsung galaxy note 5: hardware and design element

Doesn’t matter how much people rant about “looks don’t matter”, but the truth is looks do matter and people do judge a book by a cover. This becomes a perfectly alluring and relevant point in support of things that you need to consider when it comes to buying the latest Smartphone. Speaking of good-looking phones, it was almost a break from the “all pervasive, buttoned-up, leather-backed” look by Samsung for most of its high-end devices when it rolled out the Samsung Galaxy note 5 this year. Although the galaxy note 5 awaits its launch in several countries, there is absolutely no denying that it is one of the best looking android devices in town now. So, in this article we specifically dig the various design elements that have made the product a real prodigy among all the other android devices currently available in the market:

Ergonomic shape and size:

The point worth noting is that Samsung has always been the one for advocating devices with larger displays as clear from  several of its predecessors; both medium as well as high-end segments. What usually makes larger sized devices a bit tacky when compared to their smaller counterparts of smaller size is the problem in handling them.

The size to weight ratio also makes them unpopular.

But this time, with Samsung galaxy note 5, Samsung has succeeded in arriving at a very decent, sleek look for a somewhat gigantic 5.7” display.

All the more, the prominent silver bezel and aluminum panel that encloses the entire glass infused with metal back, in a neat little bow is a real winner. Even though some have complained about the glass based back as being prone to fingerprints, but then it seems to be a small price to pay when you have a real looker for a device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5, as compared to the earlier devices in the note series, seems to have improved and improvised on the technology used behind note taking in the device. The stylus used in the galaxy note 5 is the new Samsung S pen and is very precise in its performance.

As compared to certain other similar products with stylus like those by apple, Samsung has succeeded in bringing the entire look home. It provides a discreet holster to keep the stylus without it looking tacky.

Speaking of hardware capabilities, the discussion isn’t over till we mention the high-definition AMOLED display that is not only stunning and very refined to look at but also encapsulated with a sturdy corning gorilla glass to make it invulnerable to accidental fall or scratch. The ginormous 5.7” display, brings almost every high-definition graphics intensive application to life that seems surreal.

The Samsung galaxy note 5 comes in a variety of colors that like titan silver, gold, and sapphire blue that are bound to look very appealing to the eyes and with the metal sheen the sturdy device provides, the entire looks and design are simply ethereal.

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