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Sachin Tendulkar” the only sportsman in the history of this country to be deified as ‘god’. This very man has the most international records in the game. This includes having the most number of runs scored in an ODI innings, having most number of total runs in ODI’s, having most number of runs in Tests , most number of centuries, the most number of matches played, so on and so forth.  I will stop this right here because as we know that his record list is beyond the scope of this article. At the age of ten, he stepped on the ground at 6 am with a cricket bat larger than himself. Sachin has been playing international cricket since he was sixteen in 1989 and its been twenty-three years serving his country. The media have been calling for his retirement since the past few months.Sachin Tendulkar After the World Cup

Here are a few reasons, I could think of, for him to retire

  1. He plays a brilliant knock just before exams and doesn’t allow the students to study.
  2. Whenever anyone takes a resolution of not biting nails. He reaches the nineties and leaves them with no other option.
  3. He makes whole country to stay on the edge of their seats when he’s batting. Even the toilet breaks are difficult.

Jokes apart, Sachin’s retirement, has given countless nightmares to his fans for a long now. The calls for his retirement have been quite common place in the media since the past few years, ever since his brilliance on the field has started to stutter and sputter occasionally.

When asked about the idea of retirement, the master said

”I still play… because I still love the game.” ”I would like to clarify this. It’s not about records. It’s all about loving the game and enjoying being out there in the middle. That is extremely special to me and far bigger than breaking records or creating new ones.”

Recently there has been a lot spoken about is 100th ton. Why do people forget that he has made us proud 99 times, which is more than any batsmen in the world? Can’t he take his own time in doing that for the 100th time? How can his glorious contribution to Indian cricket be neglected due to the recent form?  Many past cricketer’s and bowlers have said in public that the little master should step down. But how can a bowler whose total wickets in his career are less than the number of matches Sachin played recommend him to stop playing?

He is currently playing with a team where some of his team mates weren’t even born when he started playing internationally. In fact Virat Kolhi was about to be born, Rohit Sharma was one year old and Suresh Raina was two years old when Sachin made his international debut. Ever since Indians started watching cricket, it was Sachin, Sachin & only Sachin who made them feel special. Sachin is  responsible for making cricket a religion in India. They haven’t experienced watching cricket without Sachin. Whether he was injured or rested, there was always a ray of hope that he comes back to team soon.

Sachin Tendulkar in England
Sachin Tendulkar - Still Relevant in Tests... but should he continue in ODI's?

But after retirement, he will never be coming back. Has he not achieved enough to be left alone for the last decision of his career? He of course deserves this privilege. He has an experience of more than a  couple of decades to decide what is best for his career and the team, and he show’s it well by taking a series or two off very often in recent times.

We the fans and the entire nation would love to have him around as long as possible and as long as his fitness allows. So, let’s shut are mouths on this matter and keep it as personal as it is for the master and hope that he plays on forever….

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This is a Guest Post by Pranav Popat. Pranav is a first year Chemical Engineering student at Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. He hails from the hometown of Sachin Tendulkar, Mumbai.

(The post was edited by our Editorial Team).

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