Rush Hour 4 – Fan Made Fiction Volume 1

We aren't happy with just 3

Artwork by - Gourishankar R.
RH 1
Artwork by – Gourishankar R.

James Carter’s Diary

Well long gone are the days of me and Lee kicking some ass.Many new cops in the house with the LAPD losing its touch for some buddy cop comedy.I ain’t got no money to make a movie and Lee is eyeing some serious retirement plans.Well the events of the last few days have both me and Lee dropping our jaws and checking if its all real or did I take too much of the gold I got from Ricky Junior’s factory.Well it is a huge spittin’ of facts and let me try to narrow it a bit through this entry.Make sure to pop in some Michael Jackson hits and read this in my crazy cacophony of a voice since this is not a damn movie!

Well it all started on the 30th of last month.My uncle Eddie came to my farm where he scolded me for being a bum. I mean I was making a legit business selling some rollers and he comes over to lecture my ass about how my dad took his work seriously.Same old nagging like Lee. It is practically Lees fault that I lost my job. I wasn’t addicted to weed.I just feel it stimulates.Apparently I was smoking a bud during work and then Soo Yung came along just to try some. The girl liked it and I wasn’t the one who forced her. Why cant America be great again. I mean, I am a fool with a huge farm full of buds and selling them aint no big deal. I lost my job and the only thing I do as retirement is smoking cigaweeds. The name of my dad as a police officer aint gonna get me some bread.

UNCLE EDDIE: Carter! You disgust me young man.Your momma ain’t gonna be proud. When was the last time you took a case.

CARTER: Damn it when was the last time I busted your ass for some cigaweed!.Dont tell me about my job. I will slap you so hard.You don’t know who you messing with man.

UNCLE EDDIE: Your pops rolling over the grave fool. Think on it.

Just as Uncle Eddie left the farm,an FBI car drifted and pulled up right outta nowhere.Out came my old chief William Diel and then we have Lee,who was my pal until that unfortunate incident that cost my badge.
We sat and talked about a case he was handling.

WILLIAM: Carter I know this is tough but I’m gonna need you to assist Lee in this case involving the Triads. They have started to flow into the drug business all around LA.

CARTER: Look for someone else chief I am not going to have him as my partner

LEE:You should have thought of an option when you offered Soo Yung a joint at Hans office!
CARTER: Look Lee I am not in a mood for this. Soo Yung never made a fuss of it. Just you and Han.

LEE: Han found it disrespectful to the Chinese culture

CARTER: Chinese culture.Are you for real Lee. You are too constipated to understand that China has the best weed. You guys call it . Mamma mia!. Oh my daughter smokes weed! Han probably does bud too.

WILLIAM: Carter that’s enough I am warning you two. The FBI needs you two to work this case out since it is the Triads. So you shake on it.

CARTER: Ah hell nah!
WILLIAM: One more word Carter and I’m gonna call the cops to get onto your ass for weed cultivation.

CARTER: Oh I see where this is going. Rat a brother out and he’ll dance.

Then me and Lee shook hands with no emotion since the chief wanted us both on the case.But honestly speaking I missed him for so long even though he single-handedly made me lose my job.

We went to one of my cousins in the hood.Lee had a sample of the weed the Triads were hustling.We took them to my boy Fling, a hustler who thinks my weed is the most fuzziest and disgusting he’s ever had. Well his knowledge was better than mine as he had been in the game for quite some time.

FLING:Well one thing is for sure.This is chemically engineered weed.Not something that drops off the Himalayas.It has got artificiality written all over it dawg.

LEE:So are you suggesting the Triads have a lab or something

FLING:Yeah Chinese dude I believe so. Its potent and different I have a few people who are willing to blow millions for this.
CARTER: Science fiction blows tradition. You win this round, sushi.

LEE:We have to find out more about this network.Can you do some checking around Fling.

FLING:Sure thing Mr Miyagi what do I get in return. I’m putting myself in between the Triads and the LAPD.

CARTER: You get protection Fling. I can guarantee that.

FLING:That’s a lot coming from you Loudmouth. Sure I’ll keep you two covered.

CARTER: Thank you brother and I’m sorry I had to bust yo’ ass for this. And I’m sorry your chicken lost the finals.

FLING:You don’t mean that Carter. I’m outta here.





Abel Kurien

About the Author: Abel Kurian is a First-Year Journalism and Communication student at Manipal Institute of Communication. Aspiring filmmaker and writer who believes in the simple things that articulate the deepest meanings of life.

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