Runner Runner

Ever since The Dark Knight and the such, Hollywood has been taken over by movies with nothing but high-powered action scenes and stories that NEED you to focus like a small city in the beginning of a Zombie movie. That’s why it’s always a relief to see something hit the big screen that’s just a little pleasant and has a decent story to it.

That’s exactly what Runner Runner has to offer. Justin Timberlake plays a Princeton brainiac that has trouble paying off his tuition fees. He resorts to taking commission from online gambling sites for pooling people in the play there. When one of his classmates tattles on him, he is given an ultimatum. Cornered, he gambles away his winnings only to find he’s been cheated.

Enter Ben Affleck, the owner of the site in question. Timberlake confronts him with this problem and is sucked into a world of money, power and debt. The now Princeton dropout is given everything a guy could want. But when the FBI and crooks of the Gambling world threaten to kill him, he must choose between ratting his boss out or taking the fall for it all himself.

Although I expected this movie to be loads of “bang bang”, I found it to be a rather slow-paced and obvious. Don’t get me wrong. The story is neither drab, nor does it want. Just seeing Justin Timberlake, Ben Affleck and Gemma Arterton on screen is really more than enough. Add to that the fantasies only money can buy and loads and loads of awesome looking models to it, and you’ve got a cocktail to get guys’ heads nodding!

All-in-all a good movie. Seems to fall short of the fast-paced movies of today but is a welcome change!

Runner Runner- 2

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