You and me …


You live in my eyes,

In your arms they see its paradise,

With your soul my soul has fuse,

Nothing have I now got to lose,

You are to me a blessing divine,

For all your life, please call me mine,

I am a lamp, you are my oil,

I am a plant, you are my soil,

For all the time you are in mind,

You are a faith, a faith blind,

For every single second, I am thine,

To my mornings, you are its sunshine,

I am a heart, you are its beat,

I am the sun, you are its heat,

A shadow on me of God,

Oh you are, you are my Lord,

Hold me the same way at every place,

My life now is your grace,

I am a leaf, you are my dew,

For all the life, we love and laugh,

You minus me, not even half,

Without you I am just a tear,

Your fingers in mine, this world is clear,

My head in your laps, and my death,

My arms in yours, and my last breath….

About the Author: This is a guest post by Ojaswini Srivastava. Ojaswini is a Second year English literature student at Delhi University. She writes on various issues across many blogs and magazines.

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