Robbed by a Stranger – A Short Story

Unveiled by his charm, one feels so powerfully drawn towards his luscious eyes that ignite a fire within your bosom so intense, you feel your soul burning and the ash weakening your limbs. As your eyes stealthily crawl further, you shamelessly land onto the most tempting crevice of his lip, that has already travelled every square inch of your body, or so you wish. As he whispers sweet nothings, you feel the most longing words hung-on to the tip of his tongue that rolls back so efficiently, guarding the most abhorring places it has been and the sweetest destinations it caressed.

Whopping through the stoic male, one sees the bare-chested decorated by a silver Albatross and a black suit, black enough for you to pour your carnal desires and now that he starts walking towards you, the mere sound of his approach makes your heart skip a beat, your mind to freeze and your breath is stuck.

As you delve into his dark-brown eyes pouring the remnants of your burnt soul, his hand traverses down your spine, he spins you around, and a muffled voice excites every particle of your being that’s visible with each hair over your arm waiting to jump off its abode. You feel your heart throbbing through your throat and the mouth as dry and parched as the desert floor.

There is a burning desire which strongly prances over your rationale, blinding you, and your senses howl-you want to be ripped naked, one layer after the other, so you scream and thump and whack the eye and throw peculiar glares at him.  A presence so compelling all your ideals and principles be put to shame. And suddenly everything around comes to a standstill.

Your senses are numb; it’s vexing but nicely. His warm breath over your cold, numb hands, as he bends down to kiss them suddenly brings back the life within you as you feel the blood rushing through your veins again. Congratulations, you’ve been robbed by a stranger.

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