Rising Number of MBA Graduates Seeking E-Commerce Jobs

E-commerce Jobs
One-fourth of MBA students from across India's top-tier business schools said they would prefer working for the e-commerce sector.

As per a recent report, one-fourth of MBAs from the top ranking business schools of India revealed that they would prefer working in the emerging e-commerce jobs sector. The choice of this sector has pipped traditional favorites such as financial services and consulting jobs. The move comes in the form of an approval for the fast-emerging start-up ecosystem in India. Let us take a look at why e-commerce jobs are bringing a wave of change.

E-commerce Jobs
One-fourth of MBA students from across India’s top-tier business schools said they would prefer working for the e-commerce sector.

E-commerce Jobs and its Demand

Electronic commerce has been flush with funds due to the growing usage the internet for online shopping. According to Huffington Post, the outbreak of smartphones, laptops, tablets and other portable and digital devices has led to shift of focus towards the e-commerce industry. Since 2008, this realm has grown nearly twice as fast as the overall retail sales.

After the FMCG industry, this domain is now the second most desirable job avenue for management students. Receiving wide adulation and quick acceptance among business school graduates, the e-commerce option has literally dethroned the management consultancy option from its second spot.

Investment banking, a much sought-after line for MBA graduates during the pre-economic crisis times, todays stands at only the 10th spot. The sheen of investment banking has been lost, both in India and abroad. Earlier investment banks offering fat bonuses were a major attraction prior to the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in the year 2008. Even the in-demand sectors of manufacturing, IT services and software have been left out of the top 10 entries in the survey conducted by Nielsen, a global market research firm. It is e-commerce all the way!

E-Commerce Jobs Scenario in India

The good part of the e-commerce sector is that in spite of the economic uncertainty looming large, young MBAs in India are seeking to board the bandwagon of startups.

Out of every five respondents, at least one indicated that they would like to join a startup post their first job experience. They said they were open to new challenges and risks that come by working independently or by working for an e-commerce set up. This attribute has been noticed in top scorers of premier campuses like Manipal University, TAPMI and other B-schools. These young aspirants wish to work as young and successful entrepreneurs in the future.

As per the Campus recruiter Index by Nielsen India, Hindustan Unilever was the number one recruiter, followed by Procter & Gamble and then Google. The index is a yearly survey that maps the preferred career choices of nearly 1600 MBAs from top ranking management colleges.

The top companies of the consulting and FMCG sphere may have hired in large numbers, allowing them to uphold their top positions in, but the start-ups in e-commerce that were founded just a few years back have now expanded and grown into fairly sized organizations. This implies that their hiring capacity has also increased with time. From the other sectors, manufacturing however saw flat hiring due to the constant sluggishness in the sector.

E-Commerce Jobs – The Facts

E-commerce entities made about 81 job offers, which accounted for nearly 28% of the total technology offers made at Indian School of Business, where firms like Amazon, InMobi, Flipkart and Myntra.com led the pack and made most offers. The year saw a 50 per cent rise in the number of start-ups that took part in the placements procedures. New ventures such as Zomato and BankBazaar.com came to the institute for the first time. In another recruitment process at IIM Calcutta, Amazon made the greatest number of offers. The biggest online retailer handed out offer letters to 16 MBA students for its operations and leadership roles.

Not only is the e-commerce domain growing exponentially, it is also witnessing the entry of new players, creating better job opportunities and making it more appealing for freshly graduated MBAs.

About the author: Devika Arora is an avid writer who compiles relevant facts and analyzes the current state of affairs pertaining to the domain of educational courses and careers. She is presently writing informative articles and blog posts on career prospects after MBA. The above article discusses about MBA graduates seeking jobs in the e-commerce sector.

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