Returning From Mangalore!

Oh it was an eventful trip returning from Mangalore to Manipal. First while waiting at the bus stand i witnessed an accident between to Buses that did not care about the traffic around them and tried to squeeze their way through. Luckily no one was hurt and normalcy was restored after a verbal alteraction that lasted for a few minutes.Then we got onto probably the bus that was supposed to take us to manipal. We were very happy that we had got onto a relatively congestion free bus. We got ourselves comfortable seats and were enjoying ourselves when all of a sudden one of the tyres literally burst and we had to stop in the middle of nowhere. As the driver and the conductor of the bus grappled with the problem we were worried that we were in for a long haul. “What to do now?” We were wondering. Luckily the driver arranged for all of us to get onto another bus which was going to Manipal and we transferred onto it. It was a bit crowded but we managed to get seated quickly and made it in time to watch Federer win another tournament title at the wimbledon lawns.

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