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As part of our weekly photo contest for our Wordless Wednesdays feature, we presented our Facebook followers with the theme – “Reflections”.  We had an overflowing response over the course of the week. We received a total of 60 photos, each having a unique take on the theme.

Reflections Copy
Restful. Restless. Reflections.

We were not judging the photos for techniques but for the perspectives and the photographer’s idea about the topic. The thought involved in the picture and most importantly, was anything new captured.

The theme of this weeks contest was “Reflections”. We received photographs that mostly included reflections in the literal sense. They were beautiful and awe-inspiring. We had photographs ranging from reflections on a lake, to those on mirrors and glasses. We also received a few different ones like reflections off a CD and a car.

As can be ascertained from the quality of the photographs, we had a real tough time deciding on the photo of the week. The beautiful thing about reflections is that, it can make an ordinary image richer and more abstract. This theme had received a lot of images rich in meaning.

The winner of the Photo of the Week for 11.7.2012 is Mohammed Amzad who sent us a photo of Buhairah Corniche Mosque, Sharjah, UAE reflected off the top of a car! We found this innovative and neat.

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Buhairah Corniche Mosque, Sharjah, UAE reflected off the top of a car – Photo by Mohammed amzad, Blackberry 9900 5MP

Congratulations Mohammed Amzad and thank you all for participating. Till next week then. Ciao!!

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