Rendezvous with the Rains

All I could feel at this moment was eternal bliss.

Sitting in my room, in the cozy comforts of my warm blanket, I was forcing myself to work on my assignments. It was a lazy Sunday evening; and serene beautiful rainy Sunday evenings never failed to infuse in me an extreme sense of dreamy laziness. Sipping the hot cocoa, I could actually feel the beauty that life offers on days like these when Mother Nature is in her best of forms, showcasing her glory in various hues. The bliss you experience just by looking at nature is overwhelming. And I am no exception to this feeling. As I peeped out of the large French window of my room, I was suddenly tempted to rush out and experience the soft touch of the rain drops against my skin. It was as if the rains were inviting me to join them and dance to their rhythm. I opened the windows only to feel a sudden rush of moist wind against my face. I could feel myself giving in to the temptation. All I had to do was cross over from my room to the terrace. All logic escaped me as I stepped out on to the terrace.

Rendezvous with the rains 1
All I Could Feel At This Moment Was Eternal Bliss.

The moment my feet touched the wet ground, a deep sense of mystic joy enveloped me and I felt like I was in a trance. That was the moment when my heart did a double-take. The dreamer in me took over and I unleashed the horses of my imagination, stepping back to see my imaginations taking form before my eyes. I became a care-free girl welcoming the rains with open arms. With my arms spread out, I looked up to see the dark clouds raging in the night sky, threatening to unleash their fury at any moment. But there was a strange passion behind that fury; the passion that would be satiated only when the rain drops kissed the earth, quenching its burning thirst. That precise moment, it seemed like the rains kissed away all the pain that the earth had ever carried in her bosom quietly. The beauty of the moment could make you experience heaven as you feel blessed to witness the union of two eternal lovers – who meet after a long time and try to condense all their passionate encounters into that single moment, as each is aware of the doomed separation they would experience the very next moment.

Every drop of rain sings to you a song of immortal love and separation. Every drop of rain whispers in your ear the magical story of love – a love full of passion, ecstasy, union, separation and tears… love that transcends all barriers and meets its destination only to be pulled apart; yet the undying spirit never gives up. The resolve to meet is such that even the most powerful force can never kill the love. Every drop of rain against my skin bore testimony to the feelings surging inside my heart. I could feel every wet droplet spilling on to my skin without hesitation, drenching me in the color of the occasion. Every drop of rain seemed so magical, so mystical, so mysterious – each singing to me a new tale… some sang tales of passion, some sang tales of love, some spilled tears in anticipation of a painful separation, some sang tales of hope, some recited tales of glory and blissful happiness… as these drops fell on my being, a sense of deep satisfaction shot through every cell of my existence. I felt like each drop was whispering to me a secret, trying to feel my heart and my soul and unravel the feelings hidden somewhere deep in my heart… I could feel them soothing away all my worries and turmoil, leaving behind a mystical tranquility. It was the most beautiful feeling ever, as the silence around was so comforting and soothing… no need for words to be exchanged, no need for explanations… it was a beautiful bond that made me feel like I could connect with my inner soul.

I could feel my wet clothes clinging onto my skin but that did not bother me. All I could feel at this moment was eternal bliss. I could feel myself twirling around in circles with my arms spread out towards the sky, as if in an open embrace, welcoming the rains to wash away any confusion I ever had. I realized I could go on weaving fantasies and enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature without any inhibitions whatsoever. I stood there visualizing all my dreams and teenage fantasies that could drift me into the land of fairy tales; into that land of joys… I could feel a smile playing on my lips as I imagined all this. I was just about to renew my rendezvous with the rains when the loud ring of my cell phone yanked me back to reality and in the blink of an eye, I was back to reality faced with the deadline to complete my assignments. However, the few moments I stole to extend an offer of friendship to the rains was worth it. I had found peace in that stupid antic of mine and I would never mind doing that again and again. That was the moment of self-realization and self-introspection. I learnt to give in to my inner desires and follow my heart to find solace in the smallest of pleasures that life has to offer.

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