Some nights are serene and some come with storms. We always fear the storms, isn’t it?

Storms that washed our happiness, Storms that captured our weakness, Storms that blurred our calmness, Storms that gave us emptiness, Storms that made us ruthless! Oh, darling storms can you please be quite said Harry talking to himself on a Saturday night with a beer in his hand when Sita entered the room.

Harry was in his mid-forties, a man known for his contagious energy and spellbound personality. Any human would get attracted to him for the vibes he carried. He was a man of his words which made him more adoring. He was married to Sita for 8 years now with two kids. Sita was a lady with charm, empathetic, beautiful, confident and straight forward women who was more a friend than a partner to Harry.

Sita: Harry this is the third time in a week you are with your beer and children are around what’s going on with you? It’s being quite long we saw a movie together or made illogical talks which used to give us smiles before sleeping. Don’t you think, this is the focus area?

Harry: My matured lady in a sarcastic tone. The one who manages the world is trying to manage me too(laughs). I sometimes get very insecure with you. I wonder how you manage with your career, children, home and me without losing the energy and spread the happiness around. I was the man known for my energy during my 20’s and look at me now.

Sita: After many months you are asking me the right set of questions. I had the same set of storms you did but may be in a different way. To that matter, everyone will have their own set of storms to be faced but what makes the difference is how did each one of us choose to handle them. With the kind of life we live today, it can be difficult to find time to understand our character, actions and motives. We are busy trying to earn a living and keeping up with our lifestyles that we hardly find time for introspection.

By self-reflecting, you get to process your thoughts and feelings and understand why you feel the way you do. Understanding and being in control of your thoughts and feelings is one of the ways you can change your behavior for the better and be able to meet your goals.

We don’t talk about it as much as we talk about other diseases, but you’ll be shocked to know that 300 million people worldwide are suffering from depression which is majorly caused by not being able to handle our thoughts and emotions. These three things helped me to self lift myself when I feel low:

Acceptance: Accepting our past, present, and future life journeys and trying to enjoy the moment to the fullest is the first step which can make us feel light.

Forgiveness: Be kind to yourself and others. Life is unfair in many situations but forgetting and forgiving the scenarios we went through and learning from each experience is the greatest bliss.

Gratitude: Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart. Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. You may be living life which is the dream for million others so be grateful to what you have.

Your greatest self has waited your whole life, don’t make it wait for any longer Harry!

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