A Reading Corner, The Necessity For Anyone With A Busy Lifestyle

Reading corner

A responsibility-free day, afternoon, or even hour is a luxury when it comes to our hectic lifestyles. We can get caught up in jobs and activities and forget to take time for ourselves, a dedicated space in your home to enjoy some peace can serve as a reminder to find time for yourself and slow down during our chaotic schedules. Whether you take time to read a novel, take some time to catch up on the news, flick through a magazine, or put a face mask on and meditate.

It Doesn’t Matter On The Size

Whether it’s a small corner or an entire room dedicated to where you can sit down and take a break, the important point is to create a space curating to your needs and unique personality. Don’t let a smaller space stop you from creating the perfect reading corner.

Where Should You Look At Positioning Your Timeout Zone?

Ideally, a position near a window so you can enliven all your senses by looking out at the view, taking time to just let your mind wander. Being able to look out a window when you take a break from your page can be a healthy reminder to take in your surroundings, we can after all sometimes take it all for granted.

How To Separate This Space From The Rest Of The Room

How can you differentiate your reading corner from the rest of the room? It doesn’t need to be cornered off and secluded, but to achieve time away from your busy lifestyle it can make a difference when it feels like you are away from everything.

Placing a lamp above your comfy chair will give it a spotlight so that once the daylight has gone, you will have a pool of light to ideally illuminate that standalone area, giving you the perfect amount of light to get out a book or magazine.

Finding The Right Chair for your Reading Corner

While contemplating the size of your space, and whether the chair you want will be able to fit in the dedicated area.  Consider how you want the chair to fulfill your time in your reading corner? Does it need an ottoman to put your feet up? Does it need to be able to recline? What material do you want it to be made out of? Do you want rigid or softer cushions?

With all these in mind, go looking for your perfect, accent chair such as Charles Eames chair. You want the chair to bring you comfort and be irresistible, so you can’t ignore wanting to spend time in it.

What are the things that make you feel cozy?

The trick to perfecting your reading corner is to think about things that make you feel happy and relaxed, then try to bring those elements into this space. Whether it’s family photos, your favorite cover, or travel mementos.

Think About How Colours Make You Feel

Colour has the power to cause emotion, you want to choose the right color combinations to aim for the right mood you are trying to create. A punchy shot of yellow could be the perfect essence of color used to boost your mood, or an organic green to evoke a feeling of comfort and serenity.

Once you have finished your reading corner, what’s the first thing you are going to do in it?

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