Quick Tips On How Mechanics Remove Grease From Hands

remove grease from hands
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The article featured herein entitled “quick tips on how mechanics remove grease from hands” not only offers effective means of removing grease from hands, but also promotes proper care of the hands.

Ultimately, the article shatters stereotypes insisting that mechanic hands are doomed for damage. Aided by the best hand moisturizing products and best tips, the mechanic’s hands can still experience relief and relaxation.

Ever find yourself looking down at your hands after working on an automobile and getting annoyed? Are your hands wrapped in an oily black coat that won’t just get off?

No, no, wait! Do not wash it with water right away. Besides wasting a whole lot of time in doing that, you will also risk losing natural oil on your hand.

Ask the mechanics. They know for a fact how washing the grease off with water is not really helping.

Ask us anyway and we’ll share to you quick tips on how mechanics remove grease from hands.

Ready? Hands in!

TIP#1: Treat the Damage by Moisturizing

Put yourself in the position of your hands. How would you feel being soaked in drying chemicals for long? You sure would crack out in immense dryness in the soon, deprived of nutrients and natural oil.

That is exactly what grease oil does to your skin: absorb it of all nutrients.

There is no better, more immediate way to counter this than by treating your damaged skin cells right away. The key solution: moisturization.

First, lavish your hands generously with the best hand moisturizing cream. Do not rub the moisturizer yet. Let the solution settle down on its own. This is an essential move because it allows a gradual coating process on your skin. You can finally rub in the solution after 5-6 minutes.

Second, slip in high-quality paraffin hand gloves right after the application. Now, with the gloves on, heat your hands by placing them under a container with hot water. Make sure that the container type allows heat passage. A plastic bottle would do. This tip is important because it relaxes your hands, opens your pores, and allows as much moisturizer nutrients to sink in as possible.

TIP#2: Scrub, Scrub, Scrub!

Nothing beats the magic of scrubbing. When the going gets tough, you have got to get rough, but not too rough, of course.

Before you scrub your hands, prepare a mix consisting of ½ tablespoon of sugar and a tablespoon of detergent (dishwashing soap). Mix them thoroughly. Apply into your hands.

Allow your skin to absorb the solution in 2-3 minutes. And before washing it off, proceed with scrubbing your hands to fully remove grease. Use a pumice stone for desirable results.

Once done, brush your fingers and nails with a smaller (toothbrush) brush to double-up the grease removal output.

Finally, rinse your hands with warm water. This should relax your hands and allow it to absorb nutrients.

TIP#3: A Dose of Its Own Medicine

In most cases, the oil in grease can only be removed with oil. This is the ultimate secret that people won’t share. Certainly, mechanics know about this stuff and successfully get over the irritation and filth caused by grease stain.

If you look closely into it, there is more truth in it than magic. With an equal amount of water and oil, a good stripping occurs. Meaning, both oil and water are bound to come off with wild scrubbing.

The first best preparation that you can do is combine baby oil, a mechanic hand cleaner, and ½ teaspoon of water. Mix them thoroughly before applying them into your hands.

Lather your hands with the solution for 10 minutes. After that, rub your hands together. The friction helps strip off the obstinate oil.

Finalize the effort by wiping your hands with heavy, thick and rough clothing.  Just make sure that it is clean and dry. Lastly, apply with warm water.

If the first attempt does not immediately take effect. Repeat the whole process until grease oil is fully removed.

TIP#4: Rid Your Hands Off the Dead Skin

The biggest secret we have in store for you on how to remove grease from hands is finally here. Read, follow, and master this carefully for its seldom shared by expert mechanics.

The secret lies with getting rid of dead skins. We know that the timing does not feel right, but, trust us. It tends to be more effective than you would expect.

First, rush to the sink. Do not allow time to pass because the longer the time, the deeper the grease sinks in.

Second, wrap your hands as generous as possible with high-quality hand soap from your sink.

Third, rub your hands and then rinse with water.

Fourth, dry your hands. Then, rub it with petroleum jelly. Leave it for 5 minutes before wiping off the jelly with a dry and clean cloth.

Fifth, prepare a mixture consisting of warm water and hair conditioner. Dip your hands in and let them soak for 5-6 minutes.

Sixth, after the allowance, lift your hands from the soak. If you feel that the grease is all gone, proceed with re-washing and drying. But if the grease remains, proceed with scrubbing your hands with a sugar scrub or any solution with emulsifiers. This should strip off your dead skins as well. Note that dead skins easily trap oil substances. Therefore, stripping off dead skins means stripping off oil.

Seventh, reapply petroleum jelly into dry areas in your skin. Once done, finish-touch the whole process with an effective hand moisturizer.


The hands tend to receive the biggest blow during mechanic work. The result: dry, cracking, under-nourished, and gnarly hands greet you in the morning every time you touch your skin.

Our quick tips on how to remove grease from hands are borne from both practical and learned experience. The mechanics had much to impart to us than we think.

The whole point of the deal is taking care and babying the hands. That is what matters above all.

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