Synthetic urine and how it can improve your ability to get a job

quick fix urine man mixing a flask inside a laboratory

Most employers use urine tests as a way to ensure that none of their staff are abusing drugs. Unfortunately, sometimes even a casual drug user can get caught up in the mix when random tests are carried out. However, it’s not just the already employed that have to deal with the problem of drug tests. In some jobs, you need to take a drug test before you get employed. As such, if you enjoy drugs every once in a while and an interview comes up, you could miss out. Luckily, like most things in life, there is a solution to this problem. That solution is none other than quick fix urine. Unless it’s a high-level security job, most jobs just do a urine test and if you pass it, you will be good to go.

You are probably wondering, with all the advances in testing technologies, can synthetic urine beat the system? Well, the answer is yes. Quick Fix Urine has over time proven itself as capable of passing off as real urine. It is made by a company that has been in the fake urine business for years and has perfected the art of making synthetic urine that easily passes off as real urine. Were they not good at the job, there is a pretty good chance that they would have run out of business by now. As such, you can trust this product when going for an interview that requires you to take a urine test.

Quick Fix Urine is designed to match the chemical composition of real urine in the most realistic way possible. Its key ingredients are water, urea, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, albumin powder, and creatinine. These are the major components that make up real urine, and when mixed in the right ratios, you can easily beat any urine test and land the job of your dreams.

However, if you are to beat the urine test and get a job, you need to ensure that the urine is mixed the right way. Otherwise, you will end up failing an interview, and blame the synthetic urine for no reason. There are two methods that you can use in mixing the synthetic urine and achieve perfect results.

The first method entails putting the Quick Fix solution in a microwave and heating it for around 10 seconds until it hits 90 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit. Next, shake it up and place it in your underwear. Make sure to put it close to your skin to maintain warmth.

The second method is slower but guarantees you more foolproof results, and is best for impromptu tests. When asked for a test, get the quick fix synthetic urine from the package and put it in the heating pad. Ensure that the heating pad is applied to the backside of the bottle, opposite the temperature strip. Follow every instruction to the letter and everything will be fine.

By using any of the above methods, you should be in a position to beat a drug test and land a job. However, Quick Fix is not a ticket to drug abuse. If you use it, land a job, and then abuse drugs on the clock, chances are that you will get fired.

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