Quaranxiety – And how to deal with it

Whilst everyone enjoys vacations at home in the name of quarantine, this might not be the kind of vacation you were looking forward to this year. Yes, in your mind you do think that this is a time of great sadness for people all over the world- Students who cannot go back home, tourists stranded in foreign countries, people losing their family members, the increased amount of deaths all over, you feel the best you can do is just stay at home. But do you pay attention to your anxiety? How long can you look into this small screen and feel happy right? The restlessness at the back of your mind. It is tough for everyone out there. There are people who are considering this as break for themselves. There are most people complaining that they want to go out and live a normal life. But such circumstances will hit people who suffer from anxiety a lot more. Some of you might want that regular timetable back. It is very tough to cope with online learning, your sleep schedule no longer remains the same and the one thing that makes you feel better that is food, you cannot resort to due to these circumstances, your problems matter. Some of you miss your friends and probably have problems back home and just don’t want to stay at home to hear of how big of a failure you are, your problems matter. Your thoughts are real. Keeping your mental health really matters even at this time. I personally feel this is something most people will ignore thinking that this is a global pandemic we need to be worried, but it will keep having its effects on our minds. We will feel restless. We will be anxious not knowing what we can expect. All of your thoughts and problems are real. This is a very tough time for all those silent people who are battling so much in their minds. This is for all the people who want their normal routine back, this is for all the people who have faulty familial relationships, this is all the people who cannot cope up with online learning, this is for all the people who feel absolutely useless sitting at home and doing nothing. This is for all the medical students who are working till now. Your feelings are real, it’s tough but we all can pass through this. The next time your classmate asks you for help, don’t deny them help. If your friend is saying she isn’t feeling nice, talk to her about it. You can make a difference and make someone feel better. There’s enough negativity. Spread love and positivity.

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