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“Nurse: just another word to describe a person strong enough to tolerate anything and soft enough to understand anyone.”

Nursing is undoubtedly one of the noblest jobs one can pursue. Undoubtedly at one point of time, the entire idea of Nursing was taboo once in the subcontinent, but the country has grown to be a lot more matured over the years, and now Nurses all over get the respect they deserve. Apart from being a noble pursuit, it is also a stubborn pursuit, something that not everyone can do. Even though course materials can be taught, the love and compassion towards patients that the nurses have cannot be taught. As the quote by Christina Feist-Heilmeier goes, “Every nurse was drawn to nursing because of their desire to care, to serve or to help.” Since Nurses play a vital role in the nursing sector, being the backbone of every doctor, the demand for this profession is ever increasing. Physical fitness is an essential thing to have for all applicants.

A proper career in Nursing begins from the Undergraduate level, where one has to pursue B.Sc. Nursing. Being a common career choice due to the lucrative offerings after passing out, a vast majority of the colleges in the country with a medical training facility has started the course, Manipal Academy of Higher Education’s (MAHE) Manipal College of Nursing being one of the best the country has to offer.

To be selected for the course, one needs to have passed 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as compulsory subjects, with the minimum, marks to be scored in board exams varying in different colleges. Most colleges do have their entrance exams for the selection procedure.

In India, the 4-year course which comprises of 3.5 years of studying in the college and six months of Internship/Training period, is wholly controlled by the Indian Nursing Council. The subjects include but is not limited to Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Psychology, Nutrition, etc. The main target of the course is to make the pursuing students develop critical thinking skills and keeping them in compliance with the basic standard of Nurses required for the practice of professional nursing. Since the course involves the nursing of the wounded or ill, in a country like India, a lot of sectors require the graduates, thus increasing the demand of Doctors throughout the country.

The scope of B.Sc. Nursing Graduates is enormous since apart from the freedom of pursuing post-graduate studies after one year of practice, they can choose to ultimately go to the field of nursing and not pursue further studies. After one year of experience, a B.Sc. The nursing graduate can also opt for working as a tutor instead of working on the field.

Without the innate caring nature, it is certainly not recommended to go for this course since Nurses have to go through a lot of professional hazards, in most cases even more than the doctors since the nurses have to be in a lot closer proximity to the affected patients for an extended period. Even though it is the rule to keep the staff of the hospital safe from any contamination through various methods, time and again the issue of not enough precautions being taken has come up, causing severe diseases to the staff members of the hospital, especially the nurses. It is very much advisable to know of all the work hazards and the working conditions of the hospitals you will be recruited in before taking up any work.

Some of the major recruiters for the sector are Defence, Hospitals, Nursing Schools, Colleges and Health Departments. The average starting salary ranges between 2-5 Lakh per annum depending on your skills in the fields of Nurse Anaesthetist, Nurse Educator, Nurse Practitioner, Staff Nurse, etc.

Apart from Hospitals and mainstream organizations, most diagnostic labs also require nurses all the time.


For those interested in pursuing further studies in the same field, M. Sc in nursing is there to cater for that very reason. For some colleges, one year of practice in the area is necessary for a B.Sc. graduate to get admitted for an M.Sc. in the nursing course while others are selected for the course based on their result in the B.Sc. course which is then followed by a personal interview. Since M.Sc. in Nursing is a highly specialized course not very limited colleges throughout the country offer it, MAHE’s Manipal College of Nursing being one of the top institutes of the country offering this degree and It holds a separate entrance exam.

Even though M.Sc. in nursing is not the end to the field of studying in Nursing as one can pursue further studying for M.Phil. And Ph.D., M.Sc. in Nursing is a highly specialized course that gives the student a specific skillset according to their choice. This 2-year program is a highly sought-after course since all the major hospitals in the country looks forward to recruiting Nurses with an M.Sc. degree and the demand is only increasing as the number of hospitals in the country keeps going up as well.

Some of the subject areas covered in the 2-year duration of the course are Advanced Nursing and Allied subjects, Clinical Nursing, Research and Statistics and the Practical application of these.

Some of the top recruiters for M.Sc. Nursing graduates are Indian Red Cross Society, Indian Nursing Council, Fortis Hospitals, etc. The salary range can go from 4-7 lakh or more depending on your skills and the most lucrative job profiles for M.Sc. Nursing students include Nursing Instructor, ICU Nurse, Clinical Nurse Manager, Nurse In-Charge, Ward Nurse, etc. There is a large opening in both the private sector and the government sector with the private sector offering more salary in average than the government sector while the government sector comes with its incentives like job security, etc.

Manipal College of Nursing is an extremely lucrative option for students to pursue their higher education in Nursing since it is one of the very few colleges that offer courses such as B.Sc. Nursing, Post Basic B.Sc. in Nursing, M.Sc. in Nursing, M.Phil. In Nursing, Post Basic Diploma in Nursing and Nurse practitioner Critical Care PG Residency Programme. The faculty are very well trained in the field of nursing, both in the theoretical part as well as in the practical and clinical aspects.

Among the umpteen reasons as to why one should pursue Nursing in Manipal College of Nursing (MCON), some are :

  1. Manipal Academy of Higher Education is known to provide quality education and help the students at an individual level for the overall development. Since students from all over the world come to study and pursue their career dreams here, studying here also gives you the chance to be the part of a vibrant student community, one that is very much needed in the world of Nursing.
  2. MCON is ranked #4 among nursing institutes in India, according to Outlook.
  3. MCON gives a massive exposure to its students
  4. The degree earned from MCON is accepted all over the world, thus for students who aspire to work or settle abroad, this is icing on the cake!

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