Providentia – A Mega Technical GBM

In order to ease the process of choice for the MIT freshers to prioritize between the General Body Meetings of the technical clubs, the Manipal chapters of some of the major national/international clubs have collaborated to have their GBMs under one umbrella event called ‘Providentia’. The clubs which will be presenting themselves at this events are:-
▶ ASCE – American Society of Civil Engineers
▶ ASME – American Society of Mechanical Engineers
▶ BMESIMC – Biomedical Engineering Society Of India
▶ SAE – Society of Automotive Engineers
▶ RnC – Robotics and Circuits

This event is exclusively only for freshers. Get to know about the technical clubs, it’s working and how you too can be a part of them.
Date: 5-09-2018
Time: 5:45
Venue: AB5 211, 212

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