This Professor Wears Prada

The Devil wears Prada.

The scene where Meryl Streep is about to enter the office and everyone is running around to make sure everything is just the way she wants it to be- that’s what you’re reminded of when she is about to walk in. You better double-check if everything is in place, else you would have to face her infamous wrath. You give up on that every day episode of Grey’s anatomy that you watch so religiously, to study before her class. You don’t want to feel like your head is under a guillotine when you don’t have an answer to her question. You make sure you wake up on the right side of the bed, that nothing goes wrong when she’s around.

But you don’t bunk her class. It’s not about attendance this time. You wait for her class, the awesome one hour when you don’t look at the old wall clock even once, desperately hoping to be free. Every time she enters the class, it feels like the first time. You can’t stop going all wide-eyed and mentally saying,”OMG! She’s so pretty.” She walks in like a lioness, the queen of the place, sometimes with a beautiful smile. The ring she’s wearing on her right hand becomes a hot topic for days. You even mention her good looks when you’re talking to your mom on the phone.Teacher Wears Prada

You can’t possibly be lost in dreamland when she’s teaching. Her lecture captures all your attention. The boring topic that you couldn’t force yourself to like suddenly becomes very interesting. You love sitting in her class. That one PowerPoint presentation blows your mind off. You perfectly understand every single point that she makes in class. You can’t possibly be more absorbed into anything else. It all feels like a joyride.

You wish this class never ends till some unfortunate soul does something stupid like coming late to the class. The ticking time bomb loudly detonates. You feel infinitely bad for the person being yelled at. Those decibels make you feel like a helpless kitten under a tiger’s predatory gaze, even though it’s not directed towards you. You see her as a terror, someone who you would never want to annoy.

But by the end of the day, you admire her a great deal. She’s what every girl wants to be – smart, beautiful, confident and capable of assertively shaking the place up if displeased.

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