Probably it’s Winter

The beauty of a winter morning in Manipal is something that can only be experienced and once experienced cannot be forgotten. In the Pic: Santanu Das captures a sunrise over the valley near Dasharath Nagar, Manipal, India.

I was in the library yesterday evening, trying to study hard for the upcoming sessional exams. But the temperatures, I mean, the low temperatures in the reading room were not helping me either. I had goose bumps and had to sit huddled up in my chair, pulling the sweat shirt closer to my skin for that extra warmth. After sitting through another hour of studying in the library, I finally decided to seek the cozy comforters of my oh-so-comfortable flannel. So, gathering all my books, I headed back towards the hostel and to my room.

On my way back, something akin to a beautiful sensation struck me which I shall not be able to describe in words. I had already taken off my sweat shirt soon after coming out of the library. As soon as I stepped out, a gust of wind; or should I say, a waft of cool air caressed my skin… and I could hear the soft rustle of the leaves in that vast expanse of greenery that welcomes anyone coming to the library; I could hear the sounds of the nocturnal insects which gave me the impression that they were merry-making to welcome this beautiful weather after a long day of scorching heat.

The winds carried to me the soft soothing music and mellifluous voices of some people singing somewhere at a distance. For a moment, I thought I was so overwhelmed that I had started imagining things. But I was glad to be proved wrong. It, being the night of Diwali, the atmosphere was filled with festive joy. There were beautiful twinkling fairy lights, illuminating the night and adding to the already beautiful scene unfolding before me. There I saw a few young students, singing merrily, without a care in the world. They seemed to be lost in their own sweet world of music and merry-making.

The distance from the library to the hostel should have been covered in a matter of five minutes. But something, like an unknown compelling force, was holding me back. I didn’t want to miss any part of the scene before. In the busy life of a medical student, such moments are too rare… those moments that remind us that we are also young students, with a heart that craves for some time to ourselves, to just relax, unwind, sit back and enjoy the beauty of the world we are living in.

The beauty of the moment was so infectious that I could not take a step forward… I felt like I was drifting to an entirely different world where life is not about cut-throat competition and achieving your ambitions by hook or crook; but one where life is all about stealing little moments of happiness and sharing those moments in the company of people who matter the most to us… where life is about having fun and finding happiness without any materialistic pleasures attached to it… it’s all about sharing a cup of coffee with your lover and surprising him by taking some time out for him when he least expected you to do so; it’s about pouring your heart out to your mom and telling her how much she means to you; it’s about calling up your dad to say that he is the best and the most loving person you have come across in your life; it’s about calling up your best friends to tell them how much you miss them; it’s about smiling and acknowledging the people who work to make you lead a better life; it’s about talking to a complete stranger who is feeling low and is not hesitant to express it; it’s all about the finer sensibilities of life; it’s all about being what defines us as human beings – our traits and our inner beauty!

The night was made beautiful because of the elements of nature working together in harmony with some people. This is what sets it apart from the rest of those ordinary sky-lit nights which are equally beautiful but fail to rapture us because they miss that special touch. I was completely lost in thought by the time I reached my hostel. For some odd reason, I was feeling so happy, so contented, and so much at peace with myself. I could feel myself getting rejuvenated and glowing with vitality.

A Winter morning in Manipal
The beauty of a winter morning in Manipal is something that can only be experienced and once experienced cannot be forgotten.
In the Pic: Santanu Das captures a wintry sunrise over the valley near Dasharath Nagar, Manipal, India.

Today morning was no different. That sense of happiness was carried forward. I woke up early in the morning today, not to the sound of my alarm clock but to the sound of birds chirping away to glory. I could sense a smile playing on my lips, without me being aware of it. A surge of inexplicable joy washed through me. I got up from bed and peeped out of my window. The soft silken golden sun rays sent a rush of warmth through my entire being, welcoming me to yet another beautiful day of my life.

I got ready for the postings in a jiffy, and walked up to the bus. Every moment was one of utter joy. As the bus journey started, all I wanted to do was drown out the buzzing noises and just concentrate on the beauty the day had to offer. The clear sky was a vast expanse of blue, with the sun shining its glory on Mother Earth. I could feel the soft cool morning breeze tingling my skin and ruffling my hair; the soft rays of the sun just adding enough warmth to balance out the cool breeze and all I did was close my eyes and feel the beauty of it all.

I could smell the earth as we entered the outskirts of rural India. The day was so beautiful already, that I could just feel the excitement getting to me.

That’s when I realized; probably nature was heralding the arrival of the winter season with open arms…

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