Preparing for the first date

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How do you stop yourself from babbling? Or letting him hear the epileptic butterfly’s in your tummy?

It can be nerve-wracking and you may find yourself hyperventilating and what not! But the good news is that it won’t last long. And we mean that in a good way.

Remember to “look the part”, wear something you’re comfortable in and would be suitable for a date anywhere! Spend time pampering yourself before the date so you feel uber-sexy before he arrives! Whatever, you do, DO NOT DRINK! He wants to spend date-time with you, not Ms. I-was-so-excited-that-i-drank. This will make sure there’s no second date. Also do not over eat, you will feel bloated and that can’t be pretty. No, wait, THAT IS NOT PRETTY!

Keep friends in the loop about where you are going and who you are going with. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and if he doesn’t turn out the way you thought he would, they can always bail you out.

If he has allowed you to take the lead and plan the evening, keep it neutral so the both of you can enjoy it. It would be great to include him in something you enjoy but if by “something you enjoy” is indulging in delectable’s of the spicy variety; you don’t want him running to the loo every 5 minutes do you?

If you have mutual friends with the boy, see what you can find out about him in terms of his likes/dislikes. That way it will be easier to engage him in conversation. It will also help in deciding a place to pick that the both you can enjoy.

Remember to let your hair down and enjoy, even if things don’t work out, at least you had a good time!

Have any tips? Let us know what works for you!

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