Prep yourself to win a foosball game against your friend – Expert tips

Foosball Table

Are you a teenager who’s trying his best to get better at foosball and be called a good player? If you don’t know the tricks of the game, you will find yourself unnecessarily spending hours hammering the foosball on your best foosball table or engaging yourself in games without being able to progress. Just as any other game or sport, there are always few winning streaks and strategies which can let you be an edge over your opponent and let you win the game.

The ultimate trick lies in adopting a well-structured strategy and if you’re not sure about them, here are few tips and advice from the serious and expert players.

#1: The magic lies in 5-bar

The main trick lies in practicing 5-bar passes, and you need to spend enough time in practicing the techniques of possessing the ball by passing among other 5-bar players. If you follow the games of a pro foosball player, you will find them being able to pass back and forth, not only skipping over players but also maintaining a horizontal control over the ball unless they choose to advance it through a shot. Imagine as if you’re trying your best to confuse the defense. Invest time to practice this strategy alone.

#2: The opposition should be kept in defensive positions

Irrespective of playing on 5-bar wall passes, or lane passes, you should always keep in mind that the opponent has to be held in defensive positions. When you take in the forward passes, make sure the opponents are angled down. Don’t make the mistake of keeping the bottoms elevated as this way you won’t pass the shoot with ease. Even while practicing the game, try to make it as tough as possible.

#3: Maintain a relaxed grip

There is a tendency among the novice players of holding the handle too tightly. When the competition heats up, and there is a mounting pressure to win the game, the player begins to see white knuckles. However, you need to ensure that you don’t tempt yourself to make a hard grip on the handle and instead maintain a relaxed grip. If you leave a little space in between the handle and your palm, you can soon adjust the grip when you play the game.

#4: Backspin-serve often works

Don’t you have a serving cup? If answered no, try to use the more advanced serving method with back-spin. To master this serving method, place the thumb on the left-hand side of the ball, push it down, and then through the right side and through the hole. Once you know how to properly apply this technique, you’ll find the ball rolling backward finally hitting the surface.

#5: Practice control over the ball

It is better to control the ball that creates the main difference between a good player and a bad player. With enhanced control over the ball, you can increase the possession time of the ball and hence boost your opportunities of scoring better.

Therefore, once you install a foosball table and start mastering the game, keep in mind the tips mentioned above and strategies for improving your winning streak.

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